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R.S. Coursework - miracles

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R.S. Coursework - miracles A i) Nowadays, we often use the term miracle without thinking; therefore it has become an everyday word with no particular meaning to it. Having such a wide range of definitions for this term means that no-one really knows what a miracle is. However, the Collins English Dictionary defines the word 'miracle' to be an event which is wonderful and supernatural. The term miracle has been understood by many different people of the past, even before the time of Jesus. The Hebrews interpreted it to be an �t, meaning a sign and also a m�pet which meant a symbolic act. In Latin, a miracle was described as miraculum, something to wonder at. Over time, the term 'miracle' has also evolved or translated from three New Testament Greek words. A miracle was seen as a semion, a sign perhaps directed to God, an ergon, a work by God, a dynamis, an act of power showing God's authority to intervene and a teras, a wonder, an amazing event. Semion and Dynamis were used most often by Luke in his gospel to tell all people that Jesus, by performing these miracles was to confirm God's reign of love in their hearts forever. These terms are used habitually in the New Testament and explain the meaning of miraculum in Latin. St.Peter spoke of Christ as approved of God in his first sermon, dynamesin, ai terasin kai dynamesin (Acts 2:22) whose meaning can be found in the Greek word ergon. Miracles happen throughout the bible, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. Miracles in the Old Testament are more commonly performed by Moses and Elijah whilst in the New Testament, Jesus performs them during his ministry. An example from the old testament being Moses parting the Red Sea in Exodus. Although some people may argue that this incidence can now be explained by the improved scientific knowledge, Christians should look at the deeper meaning behind this miracle. ...read more.


Fundamentalists would strongly believe that miracles will happen and just as it was in Jesus' time because they believe the Holy Spirit is only the love between God, son and whoever enters the lives of Christians to give them love, joy and peace. They would argue that love is intangible and that it will not be able to perform miracles for miracles can only be carried out by a person physically. They would refer to Luke 4:38-40 and say that the healing of Simon Peter's mother-in-law was performed physically to show the command and authority that Jesus has over sickness. Therefore they believe that today, God would still perform healing miracles through priests or places of healing to continue proving the power of God over evil and to these Christians, miracles are still as real and would still be performed through actions. However, both would agree that miracles are a sign that god is with them and loves them. To some Christians miracles do not have a meaning and are not important as it is not part of their belief and practise. They would say that if Jesus performed miracles why did he not save himself from suffering and dying on the cross when he could have healed himself from his wounds? They do not see that miracles are demonstrations of Jesus' power as the Son of God, which are part of the mission to bring about the kingdom of God. They would say that some of the healing miracles can be explained that the sick healed suffered from psychosomatic illness. These are real illnesses which are caused by the mind and are cured by filling the person with love and hope and that could have been what Jesus did accidentally. To Some Christians, healing miracles mean a lot. Believing in healing miracles may help a lot of sufferers see God and have hope in their life, they may feel the presence of God around them and not give up hope, instead this will help to strengthen their faith and encourage praying, building a closer relationship with God. ...read more.


It is important in the respective that it allows our faith to be tested and in turn strengthened. Learning to be patient in prayer leads to an inner healing of the spirit which can be seen as a miracle itself even though our outward physical condition remains unaltered. For other Christians, it is a matter of interpretation and to them a miracle is not provable but can only be seen or felt by the person experiencing it. They believe that for those who choose to interpret coincidences as miracles, as a personal sense of destiny, then it would give them strength to make meaning out of their lives. I think that in order for miracles to happen, you have to retain immense faith in God. I believe that faith is the request and miracle is the answer. Miracles are still performed in places of healing like Lourdes today and it is through these unexplainable events that some people enter the church. It is also through these miracles that God encourages Christians today to reflect upon their own faith and strengthen their belief and relationship with him. I don't think miracles have to be something Christ-like, such as turning bread into water, they can be small miracles, like being saved from a car accident, being almost struck by a bus or your parents were sick and you prayed and they got better. I believe miracles still happen in our world today because God will always love and care for us. In Luke 7:11-15, when Jesus saw the widow of Nain, he told her not to cry. He went over and touched the coffin of her son and brought him back to life. Jesus' miracles didn't only show his power but were acts of love by God. He will love us forever and therefore will continue to perform miracles to help people, touching and changing their lives. Through miracles, he will continue to show people something of the power of God and how much God cared for them, just as he has done during Jesus' time. Miracles Coursework 11A Stephanie Poon ...read more.

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