GCSE Coursework: Luke’s Gospel - Miracles

Section A

(i) The definition of a miracle is: An event or effect contrary to the established constitution and course of things, or a deviation from the known laws of nature; a supernatural event, or one transcending the ordinary laws by which the universe is governed.

However, other definitions claim that a miracle is simply ‘a wonderful or amazing event’. Today we use the term miracle colloquially to mean the latter, however traditionally the first definition is technically more correct.

Luke portrays Jesus as a worker of miracles, and tells us of the many miracles that Jesus performed. Luke, being a doctor and a gentile, tends to focus on healing stories and outcasts. He tells us of various people being healed, resulting in them being accepted back into the community.

Section C

It is hard to say whether healing miracles happen today. As I said in section A, there are two main differing definitions of what is meant by the term ‘miracle’, which it what makes it difficult to decide either way.

Christians today would say that if they have prayed and asked God to cure a particular person and they are cured, then it is indeed a miracle. Their prayers for that person’s health have been answered so they look upon this as a miracle. Now whether this is technically correct is debateable. By some definitions a miracle must ‘be an event with religious significance’. This fits that meaning, but even though it a religious occurrence, it does not usually ‘breach natural laws’ as it is not uncommon for people to be cured. A relieving and happy event, yes, but a miracle? This is questionable.

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Christians may also argue the case for physiological/mental healing miracles. In Luke, he tells the story of Jesus exorcising a man possessed by the devil. Jesus is cleansing him from this mental illness, and this is considered a healing miracle. Christians may translate that sort of miracle to today’s society as to when someone, who is not Christian and is sinful, finds god and is forgiven of their past sins. They would say it is a miracle for that person to be healed spiritually.

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