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'Religion: Wealth and Poverty'

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'Religion: Wealth and Poverty' Tyrel Bennett 25/6/02 Mr Fleischer-4R2 All Christian get their teachings mainly from the Catholic Church, which put the Bible together. This is because the Bible is the word of God and that is why it cannot be ignored. In the Old Testament we get our some teachings on poverty and wealth from the 7th and 10th commandments, 'Thou shall not steal,' and 'Thou shall not convert thy neighbours house,' which shows that it is good to have possessions and that they should not be stolen. We therefore have a right to own property; so God allows us to have things for ownership, which gives us a sense of authority over other things. However if you own property it doesn't mean that you don't have to share it as it says in Exodus 23: 10-11, ' for six years together thou may sow thy land and gather crop from it; in the seventh year leave it alone, to lie fallow and give thy poorer neighbours food,' which tells us that if we have wealth we should share it with poor. In Deuteronomy15: 8, ' do not steel thy heart and shut thy purse against him: be generous to his poverty,' this commands us to do our duty and help the poor. ...read more.


MEDC normally come around due to a strong military force that is able to get what the country needs. The country could also be lucky and be located where natural resources are plentiful and people of the country would never go hungry. The government of the country would be a good one ensuring that the country grows stronger as time goes on. A shocking stat is that less than 25% of the world's population use more than 80% of the world's resources, which shows how many people are in poverty and how many are well off. A way of righting this and making the world a better a place is by telling the most powerful countries and help the LEDC out by giving simple necessities like water and shelter. This would mean sharing out the world's resources and building proper living conditions for the people currently living in poverty. From a religious point of view we could say that God made this world for all of mankind and it should be shared out equally. This means that the MEDC's should not abuse their power and they should share out their wealth and help the LEDCs become a better place. It isn't just countries that can help LEDC, charities can also do this and one charity is CAFOD. ...read more.


On the other hand we could say that because people earn it they should keep it because the y worked hard for it. We can also say that the rich such as Bob Geldolf who do help the poor and donate large sums of money to charity and it's the charity that don't used it correctly and to proper affect. We can also compare this statement to communism that the only way it could work was if someone enforces it onto the rich people, which is very unlikely because the rich are the powerful. Money can also be used as a motivator and that if everyone had money people would become lazy because they knew they would get money. None of the Christian denominations condemn wealth as an evil in itself and they all agree that it is how it is used or misused that is the problem. Deut 15: 7-8, 11 show us that the rich have a duty to give to the poor and that God does not say that being rich is a bad thing just that we must use it to proper uses which are also shown in Isaiah 10:2. In conclusion I think that it is ok to have some money as long as you are prepared to use it in the correct manner. ...read more.

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