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Religious Issues in Films and Religious Drama

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Religious Issues in Films and Religious Drama Religious issues are often dealt with in Films and in television programmes. This has been evident in such shows as Eastenders, Sunset Beach, Star Wars and Hollyoaks. In this document I will focus on only one incident from only one television Drama. I could have chosen one of a number of issues they include issues such as the Euthanasia issue between Dot and Ethel and Cheating priest saga with Kathy and Alex (both of which are Eastenders plots). I chose to discuss the Abortion issue circled around Ricky and Bianca (another Eastenders plot). The issue was handled very realistically and maturely. The ongoing saga begins with Bianca and Ricky going to the Hospital to get a baby scan. ...read more.


The doctor tells them more heartbreaking news about the baby and then tells them that they can have the pregnancy terminated if they want to. During the same episode Bianca gets advice from to of her friends, the first of which is Grant Mitchell her best friends husband. He tells her to go and discuss the issue and problem with Ricky and that ut should be a joint decision. Later on she is paid a visit by Pat Evans. Pat tells Bianca that she is young and that she can always have more children. After they both think it through they decide to have an abortion. When they get to the hospital Bianca flees after only a short while. ...read more.


It also gives both moral and Christian views on the subject. The episode explores the views of both parents and the influence that the doctor has on their decision. At the end there is the involvement of the local Vicar (Alex). He offers support but is forbidden to give a Christian view as Bianca feels guilty enough and orders Alex not to lecture her. The show also explores the tension and difficulty that the couple had while making the choice. They also show the Influence of others (Pat and Grant) on the final decision. And the affect that hey had on the decision on a whole. The whole situation also show the effect hat it has on peoples lives, as both Bianca and Ricky skip work over the issue ad they can hardly concentrate on anything else. ...read more.

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