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religious studies abortion coursework:SECTION B

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SECTION B Most Christians in the world are against abortion because many of them believe that life begins at the moment when the egg and sperm fuse together, which means that abortion is murder. Christianity teaches that life is sacred and many Christians believe that abortion is willingly going against the will of God. There are many ways in which a Christian may put their beliefs about abortion into action, if they feel very strongly about it. They could do this as an individual or in a group, which is dedicated to stopping abortion. As an individual a Christian may choose to simply pray about the matter. This is the simplest one and Christians believe that if they pray to god he will listen, and help the women who face the tough choices and issues, which. An unwanted pregnancy presents. Another course of action would be to take part in a peaceful demonstration against abortion. Demonstrations can get the publics attention and help to stop abortion if pressure is put on the government. ...read more.


Many people believe it is a contraceptive, but if an egg and a sperm cell have fused in the womb, the morning after pill kills the baby, so it is seen as a method of abortion by many people. A Christian could also simply talk to others and express their opinion and tell people about the issue, and try to make them think in the same way. A Christian could possibly shock other people by informing them about some of the controversial procedures which are carried out in abortions. This may make others want to do their best to stop abortions. A big way in which a Christian could express their feelings, would be to change their vote. If one particular political party has clear policies regarding abortion a Christian may feel inclined to vote for them. This would put pressure on other parties to come up with abortion policies. One thing that a Christian may feel as though they have to do might be pay women to not have abortions. ...read more.


Christians which are not completely against abortion may choose to join a counselling campaign, which is able to give good help and advice to women who have had abortions. After all it is not only the unborn child which is harmed in the process. Women can experience lots of emotional trauma and stress when faced with an unwanted pregnancy. A huge way to put their beliefs into action is to join a group which is against abortion such as "SPUC" (the society for the protection of the unborn child). SPUC believes that life starts at the moment of conception and their aims are to defend human life and to support and assist the mother and child. They believe that it is important to defend the child because. The child is defenceless and cannot make its own decisions. SPUC are totally against abortion and ultimately they want it to be banned. As you can see, there are many ways in which a Christian can put their beliefs into action. The main problem for them is deciding whether they are "pro-choice" or "pro-life". Whichever one they are will affect their views greatly. ...read more.

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