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Should Capital Punishment Be Brought Back Into the U.K.?

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Ed Daggett November 01 SHOULD CAPITAL PUNISHMENT BE BROUGHT BACK INTO THE U.K? In December 1969, hanging for murder was abolished in Britain. Since then there have been varying views and some still feel that the bible is right. In the Gospel according to Matthew, Jesus says in the Sermon on the Mount, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." In other words if someone does something wrong then it should be done back to them. These days this is considered inhumane. I do not agree with capital punishment for any crime. I also think that if a person is killed for a murder then this is not a true punishment. ...read more.


Over the years countries have tried to come up with the most seemingly civilised ways to put people to death. One of the main arguments for the abolishment of the death penalty was that it is unreasonable to ask someone else to kill someone for their crimes thus making them a murderer. Countries have tried to find the best way of putting criminals to death without them being directly responsible and not themselves being murderers. Technology has come along way from the primitive times of just chopping someone's head of with an axe or hanging them by their neck from the nearest tree. The scandal that this would cause would be horrific. ...read more.


This is true. In games such as Grand Theft Auto where you steal cars and kill people, this could be taken the wrong way and it may be copied. The worst part of capital punishment is whether the criminal really did commit the crime. For example, recently a man had his sentence reduced from murder to manslaughter. Should the death penalty still have been in place, then this man would be put to death for something he was wrongly convicted of. If someone is completely innocent then it would be the biggest scandal ever in this country and the media would have a field day should the person be put to death. In conclusion, capital punishment should not be reintroduced into this country due to the mistakes in this legal system and the pure inhumanity of it. ...read more.

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