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Should men be mothers?

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Should men be mothers? There are plenty of arguments against and for the question ' should men be mothers' and I will be going through them one by one and then I will come to a conclusion at the end. First of all I will ague for men being mothers. Men should be mothers because the child is as much his as it will be the mothers, by this I mean that it takes both the man and the woman to make the baby and so the dad has the same commitments as the mum and so should have the right to look after the baby and ' do the mothers job' as much as the mother. ...read more.


Men can do anything that a woman can do for a baby except breast feed it and actually give birth to it so the father can do the same jobs a woman can when it comes to looking after the baby. So men can be as loving and caring for the baby as the mother can and so should at lest help equally with the baby. If the baby is a boy then the father will be able to help the boy when it has problems with thing like girls and can also have a closer bond with the boy because when he grows up a bit he can play things like football and basket ball with him while as the most mothers would find this harder to do. ...read more.


Because of this they should be the ones that stay at home and look after the baby while the man goes out to work to earn money which be spent on bringing up the baby. Women have the attributes that are needed to feed and actually give birth to the baby in the way of breasts and a Vagina. So they are the ones that the baby will have to go to when the baby is hungry if the mother has chosen to breast feed her baby. This has been proven to make the closest bond with a baby and it also said to make the baby more intelligent. ...read more.

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