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Simon and Christianity

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English Homework - 12/10/01 William Flowers 10G Simon and Christianity This story [Matthew's Gospel, Chapter 4] has influenced a lot of Christians and many writers. Many people believe it to be full of symbolism. (a) What might the three temptations symbolise? * Temptation 1 - Jesus did not make the stones into bread, because God had sent him into the desert to fast there. He would have been disobeying him if he had done this. Jesus also said: 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God' Food may be important but God is more so, and he would not disobey God. ...read more.


To test his powers would mean you doubt God's powers, and therefore you would have no faith in God. Jesus knew that if he fell he would be saved because he trusted God. God is faithful to the end, and this is emphasised in the last line when the same angels that were meant to save him come down and attend to Jesus. God was true to his promise. * Temptation 3 - Here the temptation is not to break a rule, but rather to make a choice different from the Godly choice. ...read more.


SIMON + Lord of the Flies * Took place in Simon's isolated glade * The Lord of the Flies tempts Simon by telling him to go off with the others (join the downfall of society) * Simon is like a messenger with the truth of life on the island * The Lord of the Flies tempts Simon, be he resists those temptations * Simon later dies for the truth about the Beast JESUS + Beelzebub * Took place in the isolated desert * Jesus is tempted by being asked if he wants to join Hell and Beelzebub * Jesus is God's messenger on Earth * Jesus does not give in to Beelzebub's temptations and remains loyal to God * Jesus dies to save our sins * * * * ...read more.

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