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The body works exhibition is the work of Gunther von Hagens - The exhibition consists of actual bodies of humans and animals

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"A quite extraordinary experience, slightly unnerving, but I do feel an enormous respect now for our bodies and the way they function. Thank you!" "I am now able to understand my body in a much better way! Congratulations on such a sensational exhibition and a very enlightening tour. I hope that this exhibition will gain more acceptance." These are two opinions about the Body Worlds exhibition, which is currently in London. The body works exhibition is the work of Gunther von Hagens. The exhibition consists of actual bodies of humans and animals, which have been plastinated to preserve them forever. The exhibition is classed as the Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies, it provides a completely unique way to see healthy and diseased bodies. You can see individual organs, and have the opportunity to learn about their functions and what types of diseases affect them. You can also see structures, which affect the entire body such as the central nervous system, or the muscle system, a few specimens are cross sections of bodies so that you can better see their structures. The aim of the Body Worlds exhibition is to allow visitors to better understand their bodies and its functions. ...read more.


Gunther von Hagens' subject was a 72 year old man, who had drunk and smoked heavily since he was 50. The body was first treated with formaldehyde to decrease any health and safety risks. Scotland yard warned that his show would be illegal and would intervene if it went ahead. He was sent a letter from Dr Jeremy Metters (HM inspector of anatomy) telling him that the planned event would be a criminal offence under the Anatomy Act because neither the venue nor himself had post-mortem examination licences. A Scotland yard spokeswoman said that the event would be closely monitored to see if it breached the law. There are a lot of different opinions about the Autopsy, ranging from one extreme to the other. The most obvious morals that were brought up, were whether or not it was right to cut up a once living human being. Most religions object to autopsies being carried out, it hinders the medical profession an awful lot as by law post-mortems should be carried out after all mysterious, industrial or accidental deaths. So the public autopsy created some uproar, because it was done on a men whose death was known, he was a chronic drinker and smoker and died of heart failure. ...read more.


Perhaps they should have stuck to ITV (at the time showing something about [apparently] the most violent Bond film to date) or BBC1 (showing a drama about murdering police officers). Surely this factual programme (however badly filmed) has a much more worthy place on our screens than the made-up violence and death that was showing on the other channels at the same time. I certainly applaud Channel 4 for showing this, and advise everyone to do what I do when another tedious football program comes on ... I turn over!" as I said before, I agree with Ian's comment, I think that there are more violent programs on tv and cinema which are completely fictional. I also think that people will get more ideas from fictional programs, which only seem to show (to borrow from the phrase "there is more than one way to kill a cat") how to deliver violence to a person. The public autopsy shows what happens to that person once they have been killed. I think the event, no matter how badly it was actually shown, is more educational than any film you can show me. If more things like this were shown on tv, then people would be more open minded towards death. I wholeheartedly support Gunther von Hagens work and look forward to seeing more of it around. 1 Jacqueline Barrs ...read more.

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