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The day after the bombing of Pearl Habour, Ishmael’s father reported in two separate articles that ‘the island’s Japanese community pledged their loyalty to the United States.’ And he emphasized in his editorial the need to remain calm

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The day after the bombing of Pearl Habour, Ishmael's father reported in two separate articles that 'the island's Japanese community pledged their loyalty to the United States.' And he emphasized in his editorial the need to remain calm. The editorial closed with one of the major themes of the novel. 'prejudice and hatred are never right and never to be accepted in a just society.' Discuss this statement using evidence from Snow Falling on Cedars. The bombing of Pearl Habour simply accentuates the prejudice and racism on San Piedro and it is almost as if the islanders feel that the event justifies their actions from feelings that have built up over time. Guterson uses a multi racial society and people often think that this causes people to be more open minded and accepting, however this is not the case. Within this isolated society we can see the tension and almost hatred that has built up between the White Americans and the Japanese Americans. Ironically though, the author allows us to know that all of the islanders are all immigrants in some way or another which makes the issue seem more than a question of race but the mechanics of human nature and what compels people to behave in such a manner. ...read more.


It was damp, though, and she developed a cough, and her lower back began to bother her.' Her prejudice is a form of jealousy that comes from her own unhappiness. She distributes her own unhappiness by exerting it upon others, like the Japanese Americans. However, we feel no sympathy because of her extreme views and because she is such an exaggerated character, in her appearance and character. She personifies the prejudice and hatred felt by people because she expresses it in such a strong manner. Her point of view appears incredibly one sided; '...that Japanese boy had killed him.' This does not sway the reader though, despite her being an unreliable narrator because of the manner that she reacts in the court and how she refuses to consider different options. Similarly, Horace Whaley has preconceived ideas of the Japanese based on his experience in the war and he is the one who begins the accusations towards the Japanese people on the island. He performs the autopsy on Carl Heine and uses the injuries to immediately reach a conclusion that the murderer was of Japanese origin because of the manner in which Carl was killed and evidence that Horace has witnessed during the war. '...he ought to start looking for a Jap with a bloody gun butt-a right handed Jap to be precise.' ...read more.


It seems to state that they appreciate humankind as a whole but it is the individuals that they do not like. This means that they can accept races in their entirety but it is certain individuals, which they dislike. Therefore, it is more like they judge on personality rather than appearance and nationality and they dislike how certain individuals have corrupted humankind by creating the racism that exists in certain societies. Arthur isolates himself by almost protecting the isolated and this makes him an impartial character. He is not in favour of the Japanese Americans or the white Americans but he fights for justification when the citizens do not see the difference between Japanese Americans and the Japanese government. He does not isolate himself purposefully like Ishmael does, but by with holding certain morals and voicing his opinions. Others do not agree with his ideas and therefore Arthur is the outsider. Prejudice and hatred are accepted within San Piedro's society because it is not just. The isolated nature of it has created overprotective citizens who will defend their island using racism as a method. If they see threat they use others as scapegoats, like the Japanese and this has been seen in reality, for example Hitler using the Jews as scapegoats. The quote and the novel show that society in general cannot be just when people use race to create divides still and place blame. ...read more.

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