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The Myth of the Almighty Dragons and God

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The Myth of the Almighty Dragons and God An ear-piercing scream rang throbbing through the forest branches. Twigs snapped and cracked like brittle bones. The gusts of wind whipped up the smooth sand into blinding clouds of grit, as the white foam swirled amongst it, mingling together like storm clouds. The tribe slowed down to a jog and looked warily at their ominous surroundings. The impending trees' branches entwined like spidery fingers, clawing at the overcast sky in an upward spiral. Their ears pricked, listening for the creature's footsteps. Boom! A giant claw of hideous jagged blade like nails emerged out of the hidden bush and petrified the helpless people as the dragon took a deadly swipe at the tribe. As the majority of towns' people raced for their lives, they could hear the sharp shrill screams and crunching of bones in the background as blood trickled slowly from the menacing mouth of the dragon as the vulnerable crowd ran for their lives franticly as the jet black clouds mantled over the horizon. With its mischievous glare, it struck frozen fear into men's hearts while its steel like scales dazzled in the sunlight and helped to keep it armoured. ...read more.


The only way we can survive is by moving far away from our last site. Remember what happened last time? Half our people died and we are running out of supplies. We have to move places to collect more supplies and dodge the dragons", answered Mary, as she angrily glanced at Adam. "Yes I understand', countered Adam, but every one is not like you. We can't keep walking for long periods. We need rest." Adam turned and hobbled to the others heatedly, his eyes crimson red with anger. "Well if that's all you need to say, I need to go and help the others." As Mary marched away she turned around and guiltily said, "Adam you know I love you but we have been friends for so long, don't you trust me?" "It's not that, but we are sick of running away, and we can't live in fear forever. We have come up with a plan to trick God and kill all of his dragons at the same time", said Adam. For once, just trust me. I have been your shadow and follower but you have to listen to me, for once. ...read more.


The pearl blue sky drank the fear and dreadfulness away from the earth. God's arrogance lead him to think that the earth was crushed. As all the dust settled he saw in surprise that the earth was still there. The only thing left was high land because the land was squashed upwards. God rubbed his enormous astonished eyes and checked again at the earth, it was true. He was tricked. Adam was laughing in surprise as well. The people were cheering and shouting not at just the fact that they survived but that God destroyed his own creatures. God's eyes changed into a fiery red colour and his monstrous roar echoed through the trees as he rampaged back into his gloomy castle out of the stroboscopic mist. "Adam you did it. Thank you. You are a good friend and a great leader", screamed ecstatically while she gave Adam a hug. "It is finally over now. We have won!" So, that is how mountains were formed. They were created in this story because God pushed the earth together and this cause land to rise because when the land was pushed together all of the middle land had to go somewhere and the only room was in the sky. God's anger and arrogance cause him to be tricked and made him destroy his dragons. By: Rishi Patel ...read more.

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