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The Resurrection and funerals in Christianity.

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Resurrection & Funerals The Resurrection: This is probably one of the scariest things that would have happened in the early years when Jesus was resurrected. They got told by an angel "do not be afraid" this was told in two of the three gospels. They sent women to check on Jesus, who came back terrified and the apostles were very shocked and surprised that Jesus had risen. It proved to many people that Jesus was the son of God and it made the apostles believe again. It also brought the Jews into belief again and it gave the early church a huge boost around the world of Christ. ...read more.


Many people have these because they believe it's the right thing to do but not many people take their children because they can be troubled at this time. The Funeral Service: The funeral service is usually celebrated with a mass that has the prayers of the dead, it is an expression of our belief in the resurrection. Normally with a Christian funeral we praise God to give our dead relative, commending him or herself to god love. The Reading: The readings are usually from the Old Testament and this provides the family and friends to hear God speak to them. ...read more.


Introductory Rites: The introductory rites is where the community welcomes the body but have gathered to pray in support of the family and to honour the dead person. In many catholic funerals the priest will sprinkle the coffin with holy water meaning this is the beginning of our life in Christ. At The Graveside: At the graveside it is a time of great sorrow, its our grief and need for comfort and the support of others. This is also a time of final taking leave and just letting go of our loved ones. In the final part it's a ritual or final offer, the rite of committal, to be used at the gravesite. This often is a sad time and also very depressing time for the family even though the service at the gravesite is very short. ...read more.

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