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The Sacrament Essentials

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The Sacrament Essentials are: * Laying on of hands. * Prayer of faith. * Anointing with blessed oil. * Faith is an important factor in saving those who are ill. People that are anointed include; those who are dangerously ill through sickness or old age, people facing surgery for a dangerous illness, elderly people who are weak, but not critically ill, children who will be comforted by the sacrament and sick people who are unconscious, if they would have asked for the sacrament when they were conscious. Also sick children may be anointed if they are comforted by the sacrament. Dead bodies are not anointed; the prayers for the dead are said instead. The Rite of Ceremony of the Anointing of the Sick. 1. Greeting and blessing with holy water. The priest explains the sacrament and reads James 5, 14-15. 2. Reconciliation. ...read more.


. . and Viaticum (which is meant to be the last reception of Communion for the journey from this life to eternity) The most important part of the last rites is the reception of the Lord in one's final Communion; also called "Viaticum" (Latin = that which you take on the road, i.e., provisions for a journey) This special Communion prepares us to travel with the Lord on the final part of our journey. From the earliest times, the sacrament of the anointing of the sick was cherished among Christians, not only in immediate danger of death, but even at the beginning sign of danger from illness or old age. Each sacrament has 2 sides - an outward visible side and an inward invisible side. ...read more.


The Sacraments name had changed over time and once used to be called extreme unction meaning 'the last anointing.' The Church expects the same effects for the sacrament of Anointing, as those seen in the life of Jesus in the Gospel. The following effects can be expected; * The sick person receives the grace (love and power) of the Holy Spirit of God * The sick are given strength and courage to accept illness. * They are not anxious about death. When this fear is lifted, people often get well again. * There is forgiveness of sin for the sick person. * The prayer of faith has a most important effect for the sick person. James' words are 'The prayer made in faith, will heal the sick person.' Healing in this sense is to be understood as strengthening to the whole person in body and mind. The healing is a spiritual victory over sickness. ...read more.

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