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'The Second Coming' - Describe how a religious theme has been dealt with in a film or T.V. drama.

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Jonathan Kelly 'The Second Coming' 1. Describe how a religious theme has been dealt with in a film or T.V. drama. 'The Second Coming' was a T.V. drama; it was about a man called Steve who spontaneously became aware of the fact that he was the Son of God. He fulfilled a secret gospel. He was a normal person. He preformed many miracles. The religious theme was dealt with in a humorous way but still may offend some Christians. Some Christians may disapprove of his nationality, and his personality and it may not fit their description of what they think the Son of God should look like. ...read more.


Another is the similarity between characters in the Bible and in drama, for example; Judith, James, Pete. Also another implicit theme was when Steve said his mother went 'mental' and was 'seeing things' this could be like Mary the alleged mother of Jesus who allegedly saw an angel. Also a very similar theme was that when Steve's father found out that he was sterile and had been all his life, this is similar to the story of Jesus' birth, where Mary was allegedly a virgin when she was pregnant. 2. Explain whether the treatment of this theme was fair to religious people. ...read more.


I think if any T.V. drama of a similar nature should be about the proving that all the religions are false, this way no one would become offended. Also Satanist groups or other similar groups which may be considered evil may be offended by the film portraying them as either disliked people, or as people who appear too kind. In the end God along with Steve the Son of God die from eating rat poison. I think this ending may be considered offensive towards Christians. They may think that the plot is being controlled by the thoughts of a select number of people who dislike Christianity and its beliefs. ...read more.

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