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Theory of Knowledge outline

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Stephanie Hung Theory of Knowledge Wendel 23 November, 2007 Theory of Knowledge Presentation Outline/Guide Presentation Topic How can religions justify 'good' or 'bad' when there are different beliefs in every different religion? Definitions (in terms of its association with 'religion' and the topic): Religion - a form of faith that humans have and sometimes, will often need to satisfy their spiritual beliefs in order to 'answer' the unknown things that cannot be pertained by evidence from science, or math. (Does not implicate ALL human beings) dictionary: a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when it is considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, which usually involves devotional and ritual observances often containing a moral code which governs the conduct of human affairs. Good - moral excellence; something that is not sinful or harmful towards ones religion; something that doesn't oppose or go against the rules and beliefs of a/the religion. Bad - a form of poor or inferior quality; something that is sinful or harmful towards ones religion; something that completely opposes and goes against the rules of a/the religion. A Identification of knowledge issue 1. The overall opinion of religion differs; is it capable to identify true good or bad and does bias and prejudice not have a role in the opinions of religion? ...read more.


Morals and cultural diversity can affect it as well. C Knower's Perspective I will be using the Muslim and Christian religions to justify my point above on how "the overall opinion of 'good' or 'bad' being a contradiction and opposition within two contrasting religions": The Muslim Religion Because of what is written in the Koran (bible of Muslim religion), 'the purity of the religion is sustained by reducing the amounts of 'infidels', which in other terms meaning to kill/sacrifice all those who are not Muslims - 'infidels' in order to get closer to their God and go to heaven. The Christian Religion The Christian Religion on the other hand believes in the equality of people and accepting Jesus Christ and his beliefs are 'optional', however those who choose to accept Jesus Christ and his beliefs will be closer to heaven; by allowing people themselves to choose and find their own paths to heaven within the Christian religion. Similarity between both Religions Both religions can be seen some what similar as they both follow a certain 'book' - the Koran and the Bible. They both believe that following their God and bible will bring them closer to heaven and God himself. Contradictory between both Religions Although they share many of the same similarities, they share contradictions whereas Muslims have no tolerance for those 'beneath' them, meanwhile Christians believe in tolerance and equality for all. ...read more.


These countries base assumptions on appearance and religion, automatically categorizing them as terrorists. PREJUDICE, RACIAL DISCRIMINATOIN, CULTURAL DIVERSITY. *The clash in religion and the improper understanding both religions have for each other causing these issues* Example #2 From this form of prejudice comes about another form of issues that to both religions are bad. Due to the fact that westernized countries, the US especially, is going against the Muslims, the Muslim people begin to think that they're being badly treated - which they are. This causes Muslims to perceive the entire US nation as a bad nation and causes the gathering of Muslims to do something about it. Not necessarily going to the extreme like Bin Laden did, but Bin Laden is a good example of wrongful perception because of the Christian and Muslim's beliefs, religion, morals, etc. Because of this, the US is in Iraq fighting a war. Conclusion Therefore, because of the different religions and the different beliefs and understandings of 'good' and 'bad' between both religions, there is no justification of good or bad with two contrasting religions as each religion holds their own separate belief; good and bad can only be justified within the religion itself. If you think the Muslim religion is bad and their people are bad because they're fighting for what they believe in, that's moral judgment, not the justification of good/bad within religion. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hung 1 ...read more.

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