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'There is no evidence of the existence of the Kingdom of God in today's world.'

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'There is no evidence of the existence of the Kingdom of God in today's world.' The kingdom of God is still very relevant to Christians today. The fact is that the kingdom of god is still at hand. It is here and now, and not in the distant future. You can reach it now, by changing your ways and listening to the word of God. It is very possible for a cynic to say that there is no God out there. For I know of many atheists who believe that God never existed at all, and that he was a being that was thought up by the weak to try and stop the strong from being omnipotent. Maybe they are right, who am I to say that they are wrong? If you look at all the suffering in the entire world, in Burma there is a tremendous amount of suffering going on. I know from personal experience that there is. ...read more.


When a child kills his father and when a father kills his child, this must be evidence that the kingdom of God no longer exists, or that he has totally lost interest in us. Yet this is all a very one-sided view. It is true all these things happen, and are happening. However it would be very unfair to judge the world on all its bad points. Admittedly it has got more bad, then good. Yet how could people like mother Teresa and Martin Luther King come about if the kingdom of God did not exist? People like this are the model Christians. Look how many lives they touched. In the parable of the sower there were many types of ground that the seeds fell on, one of them was the good soil and it flowered and brought forth a hundred fruit. Mother Teresa is the perfect example of the good soil. Her deeds in life touched thousands and even millions of lives. ...read more.


Yet it would be wrong to say it did not exist at all. The reason we do not see the kingdom is because it is locked up so tightly in us. No one has the godliness to show every one that the lives they are living is wrong and that the kingdom of god is a better place. No in fact we do have people like that, but in the cynical age that we live in today we would classify a man who expressed his religious views a fanatic madman. All you have to do is go to a church on a Sunday morning or talk to the really firm Christians. Look around, yes there is a whole load of atrocities being committed, yes the world is not ideal. But it also is beautiful. The Kingdom of God is always at hand. All you have to do to reach it is to look inside yourself and reach for it. The Kingdom of God does exist. It exists in the heart of it's believers. /Continued ... - 2 - May 7, 2007 C:\My Documents\Course Work-Christianity\Rs Course work 4.doc ...read more.

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