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Too posh to push - Are high profile stars encouraging a worrying trend towards women having elective caesareans?

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TOO POSH TO PUSH: ARE HIGH PROFILE STARS ENCOURAGING A WORRYING TREND TOWARDS WOMEN HAVING ELECTIVE CAESAREANS? THE PROJECT WILL COVER THE FOLLOWING TOPICS RATIONALE THE HISTORY OF THE CAESAREAN THE ROLE OF THE MIDWIFE AND OBSTETRICIAN THE DANGERS OF CAESAREAN SECTION PERSONAL EXPERIENCE DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION RATIONALE The aim of my project is to discuss the reasons, why a large number of women and certain high profile celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Zo� Ball and Patsy Kensit, are opting to have elective caesareans rather than natural births, when they are putting their lives and the lives of their babies, at unnecessary risk. Although they are maybe a few benefits to the mother, there are no known benefits to the unborn child. The overall aim is to assess why women are choosing medical procedures in childbirth when it should be one of the most natural processes in life when there should be little or no medical intervention. I will also try to discover if they are warranted in doing so, or is it just an egotistical act on behalf of the mother. I will look at the history of the caesarean, how it all started and how it got its name. I have chosen this subject because it is something I can identify with and feel strongly enough about it that I want to find out why women are putting their own lives and their unborn babies lives on the line, unnecessarily. My aim in the very near future is to go to university to pursue a career in midwifery. I felt that if I did a study in an area of childbirth I was relatively familiar with, I would get a bigger and better insight into something I can take with me later on. Ever since I gave birth to my first son, I've felt an overwhelming urge that this is what I want to be doing in the very near future. ...read more.


She will usually stay with her for the duration of her pregnancy and it is the midwifes duty to inform the mother what her options are and to guide her through the pregnancy the best she can without being judgemental or critical. Occasionally the midwife will attend the birth if it is either without complications or if the mother has opted for a home birth. The obstetrician's role is to see the mother at regular intervals throughout the pregnancy and to do more thorough check than the midwife can do. He/she will perform the scans at different stages of the pregnancy to monitor the baby's heartbeat and check for any congenital abnormalities. He will measure the baby and from this he can estimate roughly how old the foetus is and give a rough guess as to when it will be born. He will also discuss with the mother, what type of birth she would like, or, he thinks she should have, based upon what he can see, her previous births (if this is not her first) and how the baby is progressing. His view should be unbiased, but if this is the woman's first pregnancy she won't know what to expect and so will by and large put all her trust into this man who has been practising for a number of years. Below are the opinions of 2 midwives I posed a question to, on a web site named 'Radical Midwives' to enable me to gain some feed back from experienced midwives on what they think the reason is for women opting for elective caesareans. Below the question are the replies I received: QUESTION What are the views of midwives about high profile stars like Victoria Beckham who has had caesareans because of convenience? I am a student doing a project on this subject and would appreciate some feed back from professionals. Also what are the views of the surgeons who carry out these operations? ...read more.


Although the risks for this type of surgery and very low compared to a caesarean. In trying to conduct interviews, I couldn't find any mothers, family or friends that had had or knew of anyone who had an elective caesarean apart from one. A friend of mine used to work for a wealthy family whose mother was a Lady. She said although Catherine was very pleasant, at the same time she was very body conscious and vein, very thin and neurotic about keeping her body in shape. When speaking in a telephone conversation, Catherine told Denise that she was expecting her second child and was nearing the end of the pregnancy. She described the pregnancy as nothing more than a pain, an inconvenience and a time wasting experience. She also told Denise that she had opted for an elective caesarean. Denise asked why, expecting a medical reason for having such a risky procedure, to which she replied, "Because I can't be bothered to go through all the pain and it would save me time and as I can afford to pay for one and have it done privately, why wouldn't I. I think then that I can conclude that there are little more than 1 or 2 reasons, , why women choose to have a caesarean section. That is that either they can afford to pay for one or that they want to keep their body and their sex organs in tone and shape, or that they just haven't got the time in their busy schedules to give birth naturally. We are fast becoming a money-orientated country, who is obsessed with time and getting things done in the least time possible. Maybe the high profile stars like the attention and this is why they chose this mode of delivery. Or maybe they like the attention they receive from the press and the public when we are told that Victoria has had major abdominal surgery. Perhaps if things were to go wrong and something terrible should happen to her or her baby, she would enjoy that kind of attention too? 1 ...read more.

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