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wealth and poverty

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By Tim Underwood Wealth and poverty- -Contents Part One Why is there a need for world development? Part Two Christian teaching on poverty. Part Three Wealth and Poverty Part Four Tearfund UK Part Five 'There should be no rich people, As long as there is Poverty in the world.' ------------------------------------------------------- Why Is There A Need for World Development: There are a lot of Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs) around the world, which are trying to develop. So they ask for aid from the More Economically Developed Countries (MEDCs) but how can the LEDCs develop when the MEDCs are demanding their money back, with huge interest rates. What is poverty? The dictionary describes it as: being poor, lack of money and resources. But what causes poverty? Such things as over population, which means there are too many people in a certain area to accommodate them all. Location means there are people in an area that has no natural resources and that some people are born into a bad area. Also if there is no education people can't get jobs to earn money to survive. Also if there is no education, there are no doctors to aid the sick and dying. And of coarse no doctors diseases spread and kill people. Finally with no education there can be no jobs. War is another cause of poverty. It can use the money supply up for helping the poor and needy develop for other things such as building weapons. ...read more.


But many members of the Evangelical Alliance send money to missionaries who were working with refugees. And thus over the next few years donations continued to grow. Then in 1968 Civil war broke out in Nigeria and leads to Famine. The Evangelical Alliance decides to give aid and thus develop into Tear Fund. At this point their annual income is approximately �34,000. Many Christians are fairly wealthy, but don't give money to help the people in poverty. One of the few exemptions is Sir Cliff Richard, who in 1969 gave his first Tear Fund Concert in aid of raising money o support the projects that Tear Fund undertake. With the 60's over, Tear Fund continues to raise money and when Pakistan divides as a result of civil war, Tear Fund are ready to step in and help over 20,000 people. Now the annual income of this charity is approximately �308,000. Many projects take place during the 70's which include Heeding in Bangladesh in 1972, and in 1973 a drought causes 20 million people to face starvation in India, and thus Tear Fund's overseas Personnel department is formed and begins to gather skilled people to help out in emergencies. To help raise funds, Tear Fund supporters are approached to give �5 a month to help sponsor children in orphanages in Bangladesh. Another big natural disaster hits Guatemala killing 22,000 people, Tearfund in response to this open regional offices in Belfast and Glasgow. ...read more.


On asking why, Abraham told him that if he had helped the poor man he would have gone to heaven but because he ignored him he was buried in hell. I believe that the statement 'there should be no rich people as long as there is poverty in the world.' Isn't necessarily correct. As we saw, both St. Francis of Assisi and Sir John Templeton gave immensely to the church and charity. Even though many Christians believe the above statement is true, many also believe it does not matter whether you are rich or poor, as long as you do something to help others in some way however big or small gesture it is. I personally agree with the latter of the two views. This is because you can't give lots of money if you are not immensely wealthy, but it still makes a difference in some way. Whereas, by the same token even if you are immensely wealthy, you can give slightly more. As many people believe, it's the thought that counts and I am one of them. Thus in conclusion I think that the statement 'There should be no rich people as long as there is poverty in the world.' As said before, is not necessarily correct, as a matter of fact, I think it is quite incorrect. I have used the following sources in my research: The Internet: The Christian aid and Tearfund UK Sites. Books: Christianity in today's world and Today's Issues. Class Notations. Videos. ...read more.

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