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What evidence could Christians put forward to attempt to prove the existence of God?

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GCSE Religious studies course work What evidence could Christians put forward to attempt to prove the existence of God? There are many arguments that Christians could put forward to prove or question the existence of God. Why are we here? What is the purpose of our existence? Thomas Aquinas, who was a catholic theologian. Argued that the universe is so complex and well designed, it couldn't possibly of appeared by chance. Nature is very complicated but all fits together so well there must be a creator. But if this creator so many believe in is intangible, invisible, scentless, and silent how can we prove that this God is real? Even though the God Christians believe in is invisible and traceless to most, some people claim to have felt gods presence in many different ways, some hear him talking to them and giving them guidance, this could happen to a person who has suffered a loss in their family and has asked for gods help. ...read more.


When a volcano erupts, why doesn't he save the people? Why does he let the volcano erupt at all? God is omnipotent, so why can't he make the world a good place for everyone? God is omni benevolent so why doesn't he stop children from dying in pain because of shortage of water? We believe god loves every person and treats us all fairly, so why does he stop evil from coming to one person, but not to another? We can't know everything about our God, he is beyond our understanding. He is to us as a dog would be to its owner, therefore why do we question God? Everything happens for a reason so if God is the judge of our lives, he must be doing the best for us, even if we don't feel a difference. ...read more.


In the bible it tells us of the creation of the world. It says how wonderful and beautiful it is and how pleased God is with his creation. If God has given us his perfect world why do we expect him to save us from all the bad we create for ourselves? Poor people with no food die every day, and we question god for this, we question his existence because of the evil we witness. God allows natural disasters to kill hundreds, so he doesn't exist. Look at the beauty and intricate creations around us, look at the universe and the stars and the animals, look at us and how complicated we are, so God does exist. How can we of appeared from nowhere? The world is the most vital proof we have for Gods existence but how can you prove he is real? We cannot explain everything in our lives or in nature. Is God the answer? ...read more.

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