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BAPTISM COURSEWORK SAKIB AHMED 114GH PART A WHAT HAPPENS AT A INFANT AND ADULT BAPTSIM When a baby is born into a Christian family, the parents decide when they want to baptise the baby or wait till the infant grows up and let it decide for it self because it is the parent's responsibility and duty to chose a religion for the baby. Baptism is a religious act of purification by water to show a person has accepted Christianity most churches baptise infants but some also baptise adults for example the Baptists. Before baptism parents attend a preparation class to fully understand what they are promising. ...read more.


Infants can wear any types of clothing but traditionally infants wear a special christening gown often white because white symbolises purity. A candle is often lit to symbolise a person has moved from dark to light The light from the candle reminds follower so of Jesus to shine like a light in the world. At the end of the service hymns are sung to rejoice the baptism and the priest blesses the mother and the father and all the people in the church. Believer baptism (adult) BAPTSITS The Christian wanting to get baptise takes preparation classes a few weeks before baptism where they will look at life as a Christian and the bible. ...read more.


This type of baptism builds a bridge between god and humankind. And encourages Christian to pray to god. Baptism started when John the Baptist, Jesus cousin use to baptise people he used to tell them about god that moved them the people wanted to put thing straight this when baptism started One day, Jesus went to John and asked to be baptized. And said, 'I am the one who needs to be baptized by you!' (The Bible, Matthew chapter 3 verse 14) As Jesus was being baptized, John heard God's voice say, 'This is my beloved Son' and saw 'the Spirit of God was descending like a dove' on Jesus. Now he knew that Jesus was God's Messiah. Christians are baptized today to follow Jesus' example, and to show that they believe and obey him. ...read more.

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