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Whispers about the witnesses.

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WHISPERS ABOUT THE WITNESSES You may have heard them talked about, in a derogatory way most probably. They may even have visited you once or twice, but does anyone really know who 'Jehovah's Witnesses' are? In the early 1870's an inconspicuous bible study group began in Pennsylvania, USA, now known as Jehovah's Witnesses. I was intrigued to learn that Jehovah is Gods personal name. 'Yahweh', translated as 'Jehovah' appears almost seven thousand times in the original Hebrew Scriptures, however most Bibles today substitute 'God' or 'Lord' for it. A book of the Psalms presented to all year seven students at my school contained a passage referring to 'Jehovah.' This was literally crossed out and written above was simply 'Lord'. Contrary to popular belief, Jehovah Witnesses are not a cult. They are merely an organization who have made a dedication to God and whose primary interest is in other people's welfare. They believe the Bible to be the Word of God, and that it also is astonishingly historically accurate. All Jehovah's Witnesses look forward to the paradise they believe is to come after Armageddon. They preach the word of Gods Kingdom by visiting peoples houses and distributing magazines and leaflets. ...read more.


The words from Christ in the gospel are, 'Pray that your flight be not in the winter.' If the winter was so bad a time to flee in, it was hardly fit for shepherds to lie in the field in, and for women and children to travel in (women and children would have needed to return to the city they had been born in order to be taxed during the time of Jesus' birth). As well as this, there are many incredible prophesies from the Hebrew Scriptures that have been fulfilled and recorded in the Greek Scriptures, such as the birth of the Messiah and the fall of Babylon. Archaeological finds support historical facts that can be found in the Bible and many can be viewed in the British Museum. Only somewhat recently has it been possible for humans to travel far enough into space to verify that the earth is a globe, yet thousands of years before the Hebrew prophet Isaiah stated: 'There is One dwelling above the circle of the earth.' (Isaiah 40:22) People had no conception of gravity until the famous discovery made by Isaac Newton. However, nearly three thousand five hundred years ago the Bible stated that; 'The earth is hanging upon nothing'. ...read more.


Yet, also in school we will hold a book of hymns in our hand and sing 'All things wise and wonderful, our Lord God made them all.' The song continues; 'Each little flower that opens, each little bird that sings...' We only need glance outside and consider the beautiful, well-designed world in which we live. Plants can photosynthesize; vital for oxygen we rely on to survive. Birds are born with the instinct to migrate in winter. Bats use sonar, eels create electricity and gulls can desalt seawater. Coincidence? The human eye is one of the most complex forms known. It is unlikely that we developed an eye by chance, considering that even the most ingenious machine will never be able to recognise objects by sight. It is far more likely that these remarkable every day things were deliberately intended to be this way, rather than by pure chance. Most people seem to find these theories and suggestions much easier to believe than the concept of there being a Creator, able to perform many miracles. However, true or not, it is evident that with this book the Bible comes a sense of peace, well-being and happiness to those that study its words, something which I believe to be a miracle in itself. Non - Fictional Hannah Athauda 10F ...read more.

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