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Why Has Divorce Increased In The Last Century?

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Why Has Divorce Increased In The Last Century? When two people love one another, and decide to declare their love for each other by getting married and spending the rest of their lives together, it has to be done in the eyes of the law. If an event of separation occurs, and the couple decide to split up, that also has to be done in the eyes of the law so as to make it official and permanent. This is called a divorce. Over the last century, the rate of divorce has increased to a great extent. This is due to several reasons: - The Changing role of Women. This is a very significant justification for the rising request of divorce. During the course of the twentieth century, women's expectation of life and marriage have risen. They are more adamant about sacrificing their own lives, independence and most of all their careers. ...read more.


This could put down someone's approval of the conditions of their own marriage and increase their hope. People therefore have come to expect more companionship, understanding and sexual compatibility in their marriage than the financial security that seemed much more important in the past. As a result, couples are more likely to end a relationship that earlier generations might have tolerated. Changing Social Attitudes Nowadays, divorce is more socially acceptable than 100 years ago, when people disapproved strongly of it and condemned it. This is called stigmatising. Divorce no longer gets in the way of careers through a public sense of scandal and outrage. Therefore, people are less afraid of the consequences of divorce and are more likely to seek a legal end to an unhappy marriage rather than simply separating or carrying on in an "empty shell" marriage. They also don't have to worry anymore about what people are thinking of them, as people's judgement is not negative anymore. ...read more.


Within this extra time, couples may fall out of love, or even worse, fall in love with somebody else. More time also means arguments and disagreements are more likely to take place leading to a separation. Also, during this extra time, the couples might get bored of each other and want more choices in life. They might both want different things, as there are so many things to experience and enjoy in life. Two people's decisions and judgement may differ so much that in the end they just decide to go their separate ways. The Growth of the Privatised Nuclear Family The last reason I can think of to answer my question: "Why Has Divorce Increased In The Last Century?" is the concealed nuclear family that is closed away from other relatives and friends, as well as the extended family. This has meant that during marital crises, it is no longer so easy for marriage partners to seek guidance from relatives and there is also less pressure and social control from the extended family pressuring couples to retain marriage ties. Farzana Jalil 09/11/2001 ...read more.

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