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Why is racism such a common problem to society in the 21st century?

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Why is racism such a common problem to society in the 21st century? Racism has been a problem since the very first day that two men of different Races met. Racism is defined as the belief in the superiority of one Race over all others. Often racism is a belief that one type of person has got better physical attributes, or is more intelligent. This belief can have an enormous affect over the way that one group of people treats another. In retrospect all racism entails is the idea that because of someone's skin colour or religion they are an in-superior race. Racism is a blatant form of prejudice. People who are prejudice are people who have strong feelings against certain types of people before they have even met them. Prejudice means 'pre-judgement' and society proves that people will judge somebody sooner than they would get to know them. Regularly individual people are very friendly, but because of there actions throughout history or their rivalling religious beliefs people often see them as being a possible threat and treat every person of that race as if they were the same. This is called stereotyping. Stereotyping is when all people of a certain type are thought to share the same characteristics. Often stereotypes are used as forms of racial abuse and horrible jokes. The first black people to be brought to Britain where slaves. ...read more.


Although most problems came from the government it was much easier to blame someone who was different from the majority, because of their skin colour or because of their religion even their success can be criticized and blamed for various problems. A very good example of this type of behaviour is demonstrated in Hitler's raise to power. The German people wanted someone to blame for the economic crises. Hitler immediately singled the Jewish people out as being the cause because of their skills with money. He claimed that they had deliberately caused the depression, this satisfied the Nazi belief of a master race, and they believed that Jews were inferior. This resulted in the Holocaust, where over six million Jewish people were murdered for crimes they had never committed. People in Britain today claim that there are far more non-whites than are true. There are places in Britain with a very high number of Asian, African or Kosoven people. In places where there is a non-white community people are lead to believe that there are far more non-white people than there actually are. In 1981 in Britain the total population was 54 million, and barely over 2 million of the population was coloured. All over the world claims that people with coloured skin cause violence are being echoed. This is not true, of course some fights break out between to different kinds of race because something has happened to them that has angered them so much that violence appears to be the only answer. ...read more.


Coloured people are a part of our lives, although they are the minority they deserve to be treated just like everyone else. Imagine how fewer problems we'd have if racism were a thing of the past. Young people don't see racism as a problem and they can look beyond someone's skin colour. Unfortunately though that child is likely to grow up around people who will make comments and look at black or Asian people as different. If people are racist it's usually because they've been brought up to think that and they never get a chance to work it out. Racism is not just a problem for coloured people it's a problem for everybody. If people don't change their opinions and racism continue to thrive, then what sort of a place will our children be brought up in? A place where there is war on every street because of something as unimportant as skin colour? I don't want a future of violence and hatred I want a future where everybody's at peace with each other and are looking at the things that are actually important in life. Racism is a problem in the 21st Century. Just like it was in the centuries before it. There is hope for the future however. Racism is something that can just stop, it doesn't take a strong-willed person just not to call out and make racist remarks. Racism is not just something on the television. Racism is very real and it's around us all the time. David Wilson 12E ...read more.

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