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Within the denominations of the Anglican and Orthodox Church, traditions vary between the wedding services, but the principles remain the same for both of them - Discuss

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Skill A01 Marriage, within any chrisitian denominations consists of these three main purposes: * Lifelong companionship * Ability to have sex * Children Within the denominations of the Anglican and Orthodox Church, traditions vary between the wedding services, but the principles remain the same for both of them. In the Orthodox marriage service, it is split into two parts; the Betrothal and the actual wedding ceremony. The Betrothal Service includes a series of petitions, a few small prayers, the exchange of the rings, and a lengthy prayer. "Blessed be our God both now and ever and unto the ages of ages." Many Orthodox prayer services begin with this doxology, which is a form of prayer. It simply calls both partners - together with all who are in attendance - to acknowledge and glorify God. Petitions begin with some general requests asking God to bless those in attendance with peace and salvation. The priest then asks God to be mindful of our world, the Church and our leaders. ...read more.


Moreover, numerous Old Testament references remind the couple that God will protect their commitment, and guide their future footsteps, as He protected and guided other faithful before them. This prayer also functions to provide a convenient transition into the second half of the service. One of the final phrases alludes to the couple's life together as husband and wife: "and may your angel go before them all the days of their life, for you are he that blesses and sanctifies all things." Traditionally, the Wedding Service of the Orthodox Church takes place on a different day to the Betrothal. The first act is that the Priest hands the couple a candle; which represents light and guidance shown from God. Usually, the candle is white. Next, the priest crowns them while saying: "O Lord God crown them with the glory and honour." The crowning of the couple is a highly significant part of the service as the crowning is considered to be a symbol that the husband and wife are king and queen of their own kingdom. ...read more.


As the rings are exchanged, the following vows are recited : 'With my body I honour you, all that I am I give to you, and all that I have I share with you, within the love of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.' Finally, the priest will announce the couple as "husband and wife". As shown above, there are many differences between wedding services in the two denominations; During the Orthodox service, there isn't a question asked to the congregation if they know of any reason why the couple should not be married, like there is in the Anglican service. Also, the couple in an Anglican Wedding service, do not once drink from a common cup, get crowned or walk round the altar three times in a circle, like they do during the Orthodox service. Although the two ceromonies have many differences, they also share many of the same traditions, such as. During both denominations, and every other Christian wedding service, God is believed to be present and is seen as the third member of the couple. ...read more.

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