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Acid rain is a well known term that is being heard more and more often in this world, and it is also a great problem such as destroying plants and fishes which eventually die in our water.

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Acid rain Acid rain is a well known term that is being heard more and more often in this world, and it is also a great problem such as destroying plants and fishes which eventually die in our water. This is a very big situation because we as human beings need to eat our fish and plants and we also need to drink this very same water. The problem in acid rain such as aluminium poisoning is a substance which is deadly. Us as rightful human beings should face this problem and try to get rid of it as we know it exists but many people do not understand what it is. What is Acid Rain? The gases contains chemicals which produces from the factories as it rises to the sky which mixes with the clouds containing sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides that within a day or 250km of the source dry and will deposit on to the clouds. There are two types of rain, one is unnatural acidic and the other is rain that is naturally slightly acidic. ...read more.


This shows the plants will not get any water because it has been absorbed up and will then burn or dissolve from the inside. Acid rain is a really big problem to the wildlife as a lake were to get acidic then the wildlife will cause a chain reaction that will kill all the things in the lake. In this world acid rain is a great problem; we see dead fishes and plant in our waters due to the acid rain. This is a very big problem because we eat our fish and drink our water. Acid rain as it is on its own is not a very big problem. When it reacts with aluminium poisoning or a common metal, acid rain is deadly. Another big problem is known as chlorine as it is mainly found in soil. It affects many of the fish organisms that will make them die as he chlorine hits the fishes environment therefore can be deadly. ...read more.


Many problems can be caused i.e. death of fishes in lakes and rivers this is caused when the acid from the rain combines with the lake water, the acidic from the rain transforms into the gills of the fish, which makes the entire system of the fish's functions to die out. It causes even more major problems i.e. aluminium combining with water supply destroys our functional systems; this will cause illnesses/possibly death. If it wasn't for us humans acid rain would never have existed. Because we have let chemical substances into the atmosphere these chemicals have spread around the country as the wind have pushed the chemical substances from one country to another. We need to somehow stop releasing chemicals into the air if we can't then we will have to think of more solutions that will not interfere with worldly states. Getting rid of acid rain will be good but due to get rid of it there will be major major problems in years to come e.g. the build up of soil in earth. Let's hope our desired solution will work. FAST! ?? ?? ?? ?? Year 11 Chemistry 1 Final Draft ACID RAIN ...read more.

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