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An investigation into the heat output of some alcohol

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An investigation into the heat output of some alcohol Problem To design a fair experiment to find out which of the three alcohol gives the most heat output. We have methanol, Ethanol and propane. Hypothesis I think Propanol would give the most heat output, because it has more carbon and hydrogen than other two alcohols. Apparatus * Small beaker containing 20 cm3 * Weight scale, to weight each alcohol * Thermometer, to measure the temperature of water every 30 seconds * Stand, to hold the beaker above the alcohol * Use the timer to measure the time taken for each alcohol to boil Safety * Wear goggles at all time during experiment * If there were any spillage, wipe it off with a paper towel. ...read more.


�c 49 �c 42 �c 3rd 30 sec 56 �c 60 �c 56 �c 4th 30 sec 65 �c 70 �c 64 �c 5th 30 sec 74 �c 82 �c 75 �c 6th 30 sec 82 �c 100 �c 85 �c 7th 30 sec 90 �c 94 �c 8th 30 sec 97 �c Boiling at 100 �c 4.25 minutes 3.59 minutes 2.55 minutes Weight of alcohol before use 159 grams 176 grams 182 grams Weight of alcohol after use 158 grams 174 grams 178 grams How much alcohol used 1grams 2 gram 4 grams Conclusion According to my results Propanol gives the most heat output as it boils the water in just 2.55 minutes. Ethanol boils the water in 3.59 minutes and Methanol boils the water in 4.25 minutes, Methanol is more than 1.5 slower than Propanol. ...read more.


Propanol burns at a faster rate. Evaluation I think my experiment was fair because I used a measure cylinder to measure exactly 20 cm3 of water and there were no spillage of water so the beakers contained exactly 20 cm� of water. I also stopped the time on 100 �c. I didn't have any anomalous result and all the results were reasonably accurate. I can make the experiment more accurate by measuring the water by pipette and repeating the experiment three times for each alcohol to get an average result. We can't get an accurate result for how long it would take the alcohol to boil the water because some of the heat from alcohol merges into open air. If we carry the experiment in close area such as inside an oven the water would boil much quicker. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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