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Bottled Water Task!!

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BUSINESS STUDIES. BOTTLED WATER TASK!! The term market research is the "systematic problem analysis, model building and fact finding for the purposes of improved decision making in the marketing of goods and services", this basically means that through research companies are going to try and give customers what they want. In my assignment I too will use market research, and will be carrying out a research on bottled water. I intend to find out how pupils of my school feel about the idea of bottled water, and how the feel about certain brands, flavours etc. I also would hope to explain why bottled water has become the success it has, and why pupils of my school prefer it to a bottle filled with ordinary tap water. I have decided to use a questionnaire as part of my primary research. The questionnaire will set out to investigate our schools knowledge of water and we'll see how many people are consuming it daily. Through the questionnaires I will discover various different aspects in order to find out if it affects the market positively or negatively. Primary Research is a type of data which you find yourself albeit through... * Discussions with people * Direct observation * Questionnaires and surveys * Sampling * Testing through pilot and field trials For my research I have decided to use the questionnaires and surveys method, combined with a method of sampling. ...read more.


When compiling a question you should always... * Show clarity and purpose to your enquiry * Show understanding to all sides of community; try to word questions so that everyone can understand. * Avoid misleading questions. * Good presentation and structure. The questionnaire is going to be made up of around 8 or 9 questions, and in it, it will include questions such as, "Where do you buy your water?" "How much do you spend on water per week?" "Is water your preferred drink now?" "Is drinking water really healthy?" Of course these are only example questions and I would expect to have varied them a little in my final questionnaire. To start of compiling my questionnaire I firstly drew up a rough page of ideas then begun work on Microsoft Pin point. Here I was able to lay down a question, and provide boxes for the reader to tick. I decided that a basic lay out was needed, so I ended up having a page with a border around, inset was the text of questions asking pupils about bottled water. The questionnaire had various different changes to be made, mostly because of the amount of space to provide for pupils to give their own ideas. Also the font was changed quite a bit from the original. After all the nit picking my questionnaire was finally ready, the next stage was the sampling. ...read more.


Secondary research can be obtained from internal or external sources. The different forms of external research are: * Government statistics * Media * The internet * Market research companies such as key note, retail business * Market surveys The different forms of internal are: * Databases of computers * Sales invoices * Complaint letters * Sales information * Financial information External is probably a more important method of research as it doesn't affect the companies' performance to its competitors, but internal offers a snapshot view of the company as a whole and is information that is already held within the company. I have used external, mainly because of Internet research. Through external research I was able to go through different companies websites and find out information on their water. Classic water is used within our school and although it is a popular seller, the pupils decided that river rock was their favourite bottled water In conclusion I feel that my research into bottled as went well, and have answered the questions I initially asked, why has it become more popular? The reason being pupils of my school think it is a healthy way of living. My results have shown many things, in particular the popularity of river rock within our school. Also showing that flavoured water is most preferred kind of bottled war. Need help on conclusion, don't know what to write! ...read more.

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