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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Science
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Ecstasy. For my Biology coursework, I have chosen the highly debated topic of whether or not to make ecstasy readily available

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Page 2 - Glossary Page 3 - Introduction Page 3 - What Is Ectasy Page 3-4 - what does it do to you? Page 4-5 - Negative effects of MDMA Page 6 - The Law on MDMA Page 6-7 - Advantages and Disadvantages Page 7 - Conclusion Introduction For my Biology coursework, I have chosen the highly debated topic of whether or not to make ecstasy readily available. In the Following Pages I will describe both sides of the argument, for and against legalising ecstasy. From both sides I will give my opinion and justify it in the conclusion. What Is Ecstasy? Often called the Designer drug or Ecstasy is a Class A drug, frequently used by Clubbers to stay awake and energetic to literally "dance the night away". Normally in a tablet when ingested would give the user the desired effect for 3-6 hours after the 30 minute wait for the drug to kick in, followed by a gradual cool-down. On a more scientific term, Ecstasy is a synthetic chemical known as MDMA (methylenedioxy-n-methylamphetamine), or a combination of MDMA and MDA, which tend to have similar yet slightly different effects. The pure form of MDMA is a white crystalline powder. Although it's increasingly sold as powder in a plastic bag, it's traditionally and more widely available as either a pressed tablet, often branded with a symbol of some sort, or a capsule.


Users may also find they have a dry mouth, blurred vision, wiggling eyes and the chills. Involuntary muscular activity and muscular tension sometimes occurs, resulting in twitches and cramps. The lower face muscles are especially prone to this, causing jaw clenching and teeth grinding. This 'gurning' effect has long been a joke in MDMA users. MDMA users don't realise they've have this effect, though, because MDMA also has a paradoxical relaxation effect, which means that users are unaware of what is happening to their bodies. This paradoxical relaxation effect also makes physical activity seem easier, with minor pains and fatigue not noticed making the drug more popular with the dance scene. After the drug has been taken and run it's course, Many users feel tired and/or depressed as their serotonin levels are rebalanced. Suffers from post-MDMA depression often state that the depression that it peaks 3 or 4 days after taking the drug. In a few cases MDMA users have had depression become a long term problem sometimes of a severe nature. Depression isn't all that users have to worry about. According to some research, the involuntary jaw clenching may cause damage to back teeth. More seriously, there have been numerous cases of MDMA-induced hepatitis and, more seriously still, liver failure. Those who repeatedly take the drug may also suffer from a range of post-MDMA psychological problems - paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and nightmare.


The results not only showed that MDMA is perfectly safe in controlled conditions but is remarkably effective in curing PTSD. Disadvantages Physical Side effects - As mentioned above, MDMA has some negative physical side effects, Some when in certain conditions can cause serious injury and often death, Some of these side effects include: Tightening of the jaw muscle (lock-jaw), Raised body temperatures and increased heart rate. Psychological side effects - As well as easily identifiable physical side effects, there are some serious psychological l side effects which can cause a danger to you, and your friends and family, Some of these side effects are: Paranoia, Extreme Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Confused episodes and psychotic states. Brain Damage - Recent Research from a variety of sources have found a link between brain damage in MDMA users. [7] Although this isn't concrete evidence, as with all science nothing is definite, This recent research definitely points out that theirs a significant chance that large MDMA usage can cause long term or even permanent brain damage. Conclusion . After re-reading my case study and analaysing the advantages and disadvantages of ectasy I believe we should't entire legalize MDMA due to the fact that their's a chance a large section of society would abuse it, But then there are some benefits of MDMA such as the fact that it can cure PTSD and help with depression. So I believe the best solution is to find the middle ground, Legalize MDMA but make it so it's only available as through a subscription through your local doctor. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Rishi Magudia Biology Coursework

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4 star(s)

A good GCSE level report that outlines the effects of MDMA on the nervous system and gives a balanced account of potential benefits and side effects of MDMA use. To improve:
1)Explain how MDMA is thought to increase serotonin levels
2)Summarise how MDMA is thought to cause negative side effects
3)Provide references for all proposed 'advantages'
4)Give a reference list at the end. The references are meaningless without a list

Marked by teacher Kerry jackson 19/02/2012

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