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Health and fitness

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Health and fitness Muscular system The Muscular system is the system that aloes the body to move. There are 2 types of muscles, voluntary and involuntary the voluntary muscles are the muscles that we move when we want them to move, such as a leg or arm muscle. These muscles aren't active while we are unconscious. Involuntary muscles are the muscles that work even while we sleep such as the hart. Depending on the exercise you do your voluntary muscles may be fast twitch or slow twitch muscles. Fast twitch muscle bodies are made for fast powerful burst of speed. Exempla of a body with fast twitch muscles are a sprinter or long jumper. ...read more.


There are 3 types of blood vessel, arteries that carry oxygenated blood away from the heart and to the body where it is needed, vanes, which bring the de-oxygenated blood back from the body to the heart, and capillaries that connect the veins and arteries. There are 2 main blood cells, which are red and white. Red blood cells main prepuce is to carry oxygen to the mules and repair any tissue. White blood cells are to combat daises. Respiratory system The respiratory system is used to oxygenate blood for the muscles. The system is made up of your nose, larynx, trachea, bronchus, barnacles and lungs. ...read more.


Which travels though the same path backwards out of your lungs as you exhale. Skeletal system The skeletal system has 3 main jobs. The 1st is to sport the body holding it in the correct way so that the other systems may work properly. The 2nd is to protect the body. Certain parts of the skeletal system are to protect sensitive parts of the body such as the rib cage is there to protect are organs and the spine to protect are nerves system. The 3rd is to produce bone marrow in long bones, which is a source of whit blood cells. ...read more.

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