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Investigating how the length of wire effects the resistance

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Investigating how the length of wire effects the resistance Prediction: I predict that as the length of wire is increased the resistance will also increase. Hypothesis: If the length of the wire is increased then the resistance will also increase as the electrons will have a longer distance to travel and so more collisions will occur. Due to this the length increase should be proportional to the resistance increase. So if the length is doubled the resistance should also double. This is because if the length is doubled the number of atoms will also double resulting in twice the number of collisions slowing the electrons down and increasing the resistance. ...read more.


In the circuit there is an ammeter connected in series to the wire and a voltmeter connected in parallel. The power supply is a power pack producing approximately 15 volts. Also connected up to the circuit will be a rheostat to keep the current at the same level. Circuit Diagram: We will then, using the results from the volt an amp meters, work out the resistance using the following formula: Resistance = volts Current Each length will be tested twice and an average will be worked out to make the results more accurate. ...read more.


My results were all fairly accurate, I didn't get many anomalous results because by taking more than one result then calculating the average increases the reliability. By using a rheostat I got more accurate results. By checking my results with formulas from text books it proves my results are accurate enough to support a firm conclusion that resistance is proportional to the length of the wire. To improve the experiment I would use different thickness´┐Ż of wire and different materials of wire. But overall my experiment succeeded the way it was expected to. ...read more.

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