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Investigation in to the simple pendulum.

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Investigation the simple pendulum


For my experiment, I am going to investigate the simple pendulum. The simple pendulum is a piece of string attached at one place from where it will pivot; at the bottom of the piece of string is some kind of bob.

There are certain variables that have to be taken into account: Air resistance, time for one swing (period), the weight of the bob, the angle of swing and the length of the string.

I don’t feel that I really need to take into account the air resistance, as the string is thin and the bob is round, it will cut through the air easily and will not slow down the pendulum a great deal.

        I took some preliminary experiments to

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Boss                                                               Stopwatch

String                                                             Ruler


I am going to set up the equipment and then I am going to start with 60cm of string as this is my highest value. I will attach the weights to the bottom of the piece of string they will be 50g in total. I will measure 50º away from vertical then let the string go from there. I will measure the time it takes for 10 periods to take place then divide that time by ten to get an average reading. I will do this, as it would be difficult to measure the amount of time it would take to swing for one period, it is more accurate this way. I will repeat each of the readings 3 times and then find the average of these.

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n class="c3">Average (seconds)

Average/10 (seconds)










The graph which I expect to be able to draw will be this:

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