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Investigation on exercise affecting the human pulse.

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WHAT AFFECTS THE PULSE RATE? Investigation on exercise affecting the human pulse This experiment will focus on how exercise affects the pulse rate of a human. The investigation will not only find out if it does affect it but how much by and does it affect every one in the same way. The pulse rate is the amount of time the heart beats in a minute, specifically the blood from the left ventricle being pumped around the circulating blood stream. My prediction on this investigation is that the pulse rate shall rise due the aerobic respiration that increases due to the need of more oxygen around the body. As more oxygen will be needed the pulse rate will need to increase, so that more oxygen can be carried around the body. Aim: To investigate how much exercise affects the human pulse rate, using different amounts of exercise. Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that the more exercise done by a person the higher the pulse rate of the heart. I predict this due to my own experience with exercise increasing my heart rate. But what I'm mainly interested in the amount the heart rate is affected with different amount of exercise. Planning Experimental Procedures I have researched lots of other subjects that increase or decrease the pulse rate such as caffeine, adrenaline or pleasure. ...read more.


* Each candidate then relaxed for 10 minutes to resume their normal pulse rate. I took the candidates pulse rate to make sure it was a fair test. * I measured out an accurate 20m track for the candidates to run and walk up and down; I showed the distance using cones. The track was also only 1m weighed to make sure the candidates stayed in a straight line not having to travel further than any other of the candidates. * I then got each candidate in turn to walk 200m (10 times along the track) I watched at one end while someone else watched the other making sure the candidate touched the end of the track; * I timed each candidate seeing how long it took them to walk this length in seconds. * Directly after this exercise I measured their pulse to calculate the difference from their normal rate. I wrote down my recording and carried on with the experiment. * Each candidate then with out more than 1 minutes rest ran 200m (10 times along the track) * I timed each candidate seeing how long it took them to run this length in seconds. * I then directly after this exercise measured their pulse to see if this exercise had changed their pulse even more. ...read more.


I also feel I needed more time to make the experiment a fair test. The candidates needed longer to rest and to make the results reliable the candidates should've all ran and walked at the same time giving no unfair advantage as some candidates obviously had longer to rest. Some results seemed unreliable the main result I felt least reliable was Katy's her pulse rate from when she was relaxed to after she had walked 200m had not changed I think from my research and past comments this could've been avoided using a pulse reading machine. I also think I needed to repeat this procedure to get an average and widened result that would've have been more accurate. The procedure was suitable for my hypothesis but any more technical hypothesis would have needed a different strategy. Evidence was not always reliable but gave an almost regular pattern. In further experiments I shall use more reliable sources for results such as the pulse reading machine. To add to the results we could do different exercises to get a wider idea of what exercises change the results more. The experiment could also be added to by getting a wider range of candidates more of an age range and more people to give a more reliable final result. ...read more.

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