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Length vs Resistance

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  • Essay length: 6376 words
  • Submitted: 18/07/2010
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GCSE Electricity and Magnetism

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Physics Coursework

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Introduction 2

Preliminary 5

Main Investigation 8

Conclusion 12

Evaluation 14


Resistance occurs in circuits because of components in the circuit and a larger amount of resistance causes the battery to have to exert more energy to push the charges through the circuit. This then causes the current to decrease as resistance is not allowing as much current to flow. Resistance can be useful in some circuits. Devices called resistors are used to control the flow of charged in a circuit. Variable resistors can be used to make varying the size of the current easier as the size of their resistance can be steadily changed using a dial or slider. Variable resistors are used in dimmer switches and volume controls like that of a CD player. Another type of resistor is an LDR, (Light dependent resistor) which is a variable resistor. This resistor's resistance increases, as light levels decrease as it gets darker and decreases, as light levels increase during daytime. This makes LDR useful for example in automatic security lights. One finally type of resistor is a thermistor, which has a higher resistance at low

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