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My Aim is to investigate a factor that affects resistance

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Jack Owens                                                                                      Physics Coursework


Aim: My Aim is to investigate a factor that affects resistance                                                                                                                                    (how length affects resistance)


Equipment list - .Ruler

                           .Movable contact

                           .Power Pack

                           .Crocodile Clips




       To do the experiment I will have a piece of 100cm wire mounted to a meter long wooden rule. This wire will be connected to a power pack. Then I will get a movable contact and also connect it to the power pack. Also I will connect an ammeter and a volt-meter. Then I will run a current of set amount through the wire. I will then place the movable contact on the wire at certain measurements creating a full circuit and then write down all data given to me on the ammeter and the volt-meter for each measurement. I will do this to find out how length affects and what happens.

Here is a diagram of my setup:


Range: 10cm – 100 cm

Number of readings: 3 times


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Fair test: To ensure a fair test I will take 3 sets of information   for all the measurements. I will also have a fair test by ensuring I use the same equipment for each test.

Safe test: To make sure I have a safe test I will not go under 10cm’s on the wire as it will become to hot and may break or burn away also I will keep a low voltage to make sure this doesn’t happen

Trial experiment: I have done a trial experiment. When I did this the power pack never worked I solved this by replacing it with another. With this problem solved I should have perfect experiments.

Obtaining results

 I have done all experiments needed and here are my table of results:


With all my results now I have looked through them and so far all my results seem to agree with what I have written in my prediction as you can see here the higher the length the higher resistance.

Now I will average my resistance for all three sets of data to be able to get the average for each measurement.


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My evidence I think is strong enough to make a definite conclusion that length affects resistance and that the lower down the wire the more hotter it is and the atoms vibrate more vigorously. When like this it is harder for electrons to pass from atom to atom when they are vibrating more. Instead atoms collide with electrons to stop there flow. Therefore when higher up the wire the cooler it is therefore there is an increase in resistance. I think I have proven this with my graphs as it climbs (increases) as the length increase proving my prediction that length affects resistance.

If I were to extend my inquiry I think I might have taken data not only from 10-100cm but from 10-1000cm which would give me much more evidence that length affects resistance I also might have used a newer wire may give have given me more accurate data for me to record and prove that length affects resistance.

From this inquiry I have proven my prediction that length affects resistance and I am happen with the evidence and results I have obtained.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Electricity and Magnetism section.

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