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Report on Acid rain.

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Acid rain is a well-known phrase that is being heard more and more often during the past few decades. We all know that it exists but many do not understand what it is. Two days ago on the 28th of February, a major conference took place between the countries in the European union about the high amount of acid rain being deposited. This meeting was very substantial because the problem of acid rain needed to be solved. The western part of Europe is being affected the most. The global issue which was being discussed at this meeting involved a environment minister representative from each European country, the transport industry, scientists who had expert knowledge on the causes and Effects of acid rain, and finally the environmentalists who had explicit experiences on some solutions to acid rain. During this conference many solutions were brought up as well as the causes, effects, and some solutions later on. Before this meeting could initiate the scientists went on first to describe acid rain. The scientists who explicated how acid Rain is formed was a former Swedish international called jioltovisch Blomquist. ...read more.


Below there is a pie chart showing were the emissions come from. These chemicals are released by certain industrial processes, and as a result, the more industrialised nations of Europe suffer severely from acid rain. Most sulphur dioxide comes from power plants that use coal as their fuel. These plants emit 100 million tons of sulphur dioxide, 70% of that in the world. Automobiles produce about half of the world's nitrogen oxide. As the number of automobiles in use increases, so does the amount of acid rain. Power plants that burn fossil fuels also contribute significantly to nitrogen oxide emission. Though human causes are essentially responsible for acid rain, natural causes exist as well. Fires, volcanic eruptions, bacterial decomposition, and lightening also greatly increase the amount of nitrogen oxide on the planet. Once the tiny pollutant molecules have entered the atmosphere, they can travel for thousands of miles. Eventually, the particles will combine with other compounds to produce new, often harmful, chemicals. Acid rain comes down to the earth in the form of rain, snow, hail, fog, frost, or dew. ...read more.


Acidic water also ruins plant nutrients, hurting plants and their ability to survive and to give life to other organisms. The environmental ministers, scientists and the environmentalists came up with the following solutions, - Lime places were there is water will reduce the acidity of the water so less animals will die - Power plants can reduce acid rain creation. They can use coal with a low sulphur content, they can remove the sulphur from smoke their plants release, and they can limit acid rain. - Catalytic converters in cars can reduce the emissions of NOx by up to 90 percent, - -The installation of sulphur cleaning scrubbers in factories, washing sulphur out of coal, and finding new methods of burning coal can reduce acid rain. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Governments should pass laws restricting pollution levels, or can use a variety of methods such as telling people to drive their cars less and use less energy to reduce acid rain. Whatever way it is done, acid rain will certainly have to be limited in the future. ...read more.

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