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Resistance in a Nichrome Wire.

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Resistance in a Nichrome Wire


Resistance is measured in Ohms (   ). George Ohm discovered the rule of how to work out the resistance, (Voltage = current xResistance). Some devices allow a lot of current to flow through them these have a low resistance.

Resistance is how much the current resisted by the device.


To investigate how the length of a wire affects the resistance in a wire.


My prediction from my knowledge is, that when the length of the wire increases then the resistance will also increase. I think this because when the wire gets longer, the current will need to flow further causing it to slow down. So a higher rate of voltage is needed.


The factors that I must keep the same through out this experiment are:

  1. The type of wire
  2. The thickness of the wire

Safety Precautions,

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Place a wire in a cool beaker of water to keep the temperature of the wire down so that it will not burn away.

Also do not fool around when the experiment is under way as this could cause in glass smashing or something else.




100cm of Nichrome wire,

Meter Ruler,

Crocodile clips,


Connection leads,

Beaker of water,

Wire Cutters,

And pen and paper to record my results.

I set up the experiment as shown above.

I started the experiment by sellotaping one end of the Nichrome wire (over 100cm long) to the meter ruler. I then cut it off with the wire cutters. After that we coiled the wire as tight as possible around the pencil and connected either end to a crocodile clip. We then added the am-meter parallel with the wire.

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        I found it very easy to set up the experiment, as it was quite simple. I didn’t come across anything to hard during the experiment apart from getting the exact current by turning the knobs. This became a bit tricky. I never needed any help from my teacher either.

        I found that my prediction was quite accurate as when the wire was longer it was harder for the current to flow through which was the resistance. In my experiment I followed all of the safety rules correctly and my work area was kept tidy at all times.

By Paul Cosgrove 11C

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Electricity and Magnetism section.

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