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Resistance of a Wire

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  • Essay length: 4802 words
  • Submitted: 01/01/2004
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GCSE Electricity and Magnetism

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Resistance of a Wire



To find out how length affects the resistance of a wire.


In this investigation I will be looking at the effect length has to resistance in a wire. The wire I will be using is Nichrome Wire an I will be discussing on what resistance is, what affects resistance an how it can be controlled

Background Information

All things are made up of atoms and are made up of three ions, protons electrons and neutrons. Protons are positively charged, and are found in the nucleus of an atom along with neutrons that have no charge. Electrons are found in rings surrounding the nucleus of an atom.

The electrons on the outer most rings in the atoms can sometimes become loose in some materials, eventually splitting into single free electrons. These electrons can move around freely, passing into the next atom and moving in random directions.

Voltage is the measure of the electrical status or potential between two points. Voltage causes all these free electrons that are moving around in random directions to form a line and flow in one direction.

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