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Revision notes on Electricity.

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Electricity: Two materials can become charged by friction when they are Rubbed Against Each Other. The materials must be insulators. Become charged with Static Electricity, means that the electricity stays on the material and doesn't move. If two materials are rubbed together and become charged, then Electrons are 'scraped off' one material and put on the other material, leaving one of the materials Negatively Charged and the other material Positively charged. All electrical circuits have a Cell, Battery or Power Supply to provide the Electrical Energy and Electrical Devices (Components) which need this energy to make them work. Flow of electrons around the circuit is called an Electric Circuit and it can be measured by using Ammeter. ...read more.


The magnetic field formed is very similar to a bar magnet and so one end of the coil becomes a north pole and the other end becomes a south pole. Increasing The Number Of Coils, Increasing the Electric Current And Placing a Peace of Iron Inside the Coil Increases the Strength of the Electromagnet. Forces: Air Resistance This is the force that pushes against a moving object As It passes Through Air. As for friction , Air Resistance tries to Slow Down the moving object. Forms of Energy: Light - Energy given out by any hot object. Sound - Energy created by any Vibrating Object. ...read more.


Energy: Whenever energy is transferred from one form to another some is wasted - usually as heat and often sound which spreads out and can't be used again. Although the amount of energy measured in Joules to begin with is always Conserved, which means there is still the same amount of energy before and after transfer. Light: We can see Luminous Sources, because the light they give out enters our eyes. We can see Non-luminous Objects, because light from a luminous sources is reflected off them into our eyes. Reflection of the light: Light changes direction when it crosses a Boundary between one Transparent Material and another providing, they are different materials unless it meets the boundary at 90?. MARY KORYAKINA 9B ...read more.

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