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science in news

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Should smoking be banned in public places? I think smoking should be banned in public places because it has bad affects on people and it causes many life threatening conditions. It has been proved that smoking damages passive smokers. I have researched some facts about passive smoking Which are about? * Diseases suffered as a result of passive smoking. * Information on pressure groups lobbing to the government to make public smoking unlawful. Illnesses caused by Passive smoking are: * Miscarriages * Asthma exacerbation * Lung cancer * Coronary heart disease Stroke * Nasal Cancer * Middle ear infection * Cot death * Low birth weight * Bronchitis * Eye irritation * Headache * Cough * Sore throat * Dizziness * Nausea * Pneumonia * Wheezing The effects to non smokers when they breathe in smoke: When you breathe in smoke, less oxygen reaches your lungs. Nicotine, the addictive stuff, stimulates your central nervous system, making your heart beat faster and raising your blood pressure. ...read more.


Among older age groups prevalence gradually declines with the lowest smoking rate among people aged 60 and over: 15% smoke in this age group. This reflects the fact that many former smokers will have stopped in middle age and around one quarter of smokers die before reaching retirement age. By banning smoking in public places, this may encourage people to stop smoking. * Very large numbers of smokers (90% agreed smoking should be restricted in certain places).This is from a bar chart extracted from the British Heart Foundation Statistics Database. * The reason passive smoking is such a danger to children is that they are more sensitive to smoke because their bodies are still developing. More then 17,000 under fives in the U.K experience the harm of passive smoking each year as they are admitted to hospital with illness caused by their parents smoking.(www.canstopsmoking.com) * They found 2,700 deaths among people aged 20 to 64 could be attributed to second-hand smoke and 8,000 in 65-year-olds and over. ...read more.


* It is estimated that several hundred cases of lung cancer and several thousand cases of heart disease in non-smokers in the UK are caused by passive smoking - breathing other people's tobacco smoke. * Over one million people have stopped smoking for good as a result of No Smoking Day since the first Day in 1984 . * No Smoking Day has a history of success with smokers and not just for one day. CONCLUSION Therefore, there is so much evidence to support the fact that there is much harm done to the health of non-smokers. Smoke_free legislation has caused a drop in smoking by 4%, where research was carried out. The government has estimated that the smoking ban in England will reduce smoking by 1.7%. This does not seem much but will actually result in over half a million fewer smokers. By mid-2007, smoking is expected to be banned by law in most workplaces and public places across the U.K. Sourses used are: www.canstopsmoking.com Researchers at University of Queensland in Australia http://www.wessexscene.co.uk By Shazia Hameed ...read more.

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