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Tell Tale Heart.

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Tell Tale Heart The narrator of this chilling tale is a strange character indeed, with no name and seemingly no existence, - it seems he has no family and no one really pays any attention to him, apart from one person... An innocent old man. As I go deeper into the story the narrator turns from strange to frightening, and unreliable. I feel that this narrator is like a vampire, sucking the blood from his victim - sucking out all the goodness out of life. When doing his dreadful deed he thinks nothing of it, he has succumbed to the taste and hunger of the killing, nothing else matters. However, after, the guilt inside begins to grow, the soul darkens at what has happened. His conscience takes over and he cannot hide the guilt and torment inside. The fact that the story ends with him telling all, it shows he has a conscience. A murdering man would never tell of his crimes if he didn't have a conscience. But what is a real conscience? People have a 'conscience' if they feel bad about something they've done, not necessarily telling anyone about what they did. ...read more.


He says "it took me an hour to place my whole head within the opening so far that I could see him" He then goes on "Ha! - Would a madman have been so wise as this?" again questioning himself. Why on earth would any ordinary person spend an hour just popping his head through a door? I know as well as anyone does, that they wouldn't. So, to me, he is giving yet more evidence of his madness. He is adamant of doing his own set task with such precaution. He takes his time - too much time. I must admit, for a mad man he is very patient. He tells us that we are mistaking his madness for "over-acuteness of the senses." - Isn't this another description for madness? He says he can hear a "low, dull quick sound, such as a watch makes when enveloped in cotton" - not even a dog could hear this sound, without the sound being right close to the ear. He realises it's the beating of the old mans heart, he "knew that sound well". How does he know that sound well? ...read more.


His headaches and the ringing sound in his ears are getting louder. He realises - thinks - the sound is not in his ears and begins to fall apart of the thought of the old mans heart still beating. He is underneath the floor, alive; he will make a louder noise any moment. What is he to do? Can the policemen hear it? He paces, raves foams and swears. But not in the entire time where this noise is growing louder does he ask the men if they can here a strange noise. Any ordinary person would think before they act, but then again this man is a madman, he doesn't know how to think things through, think of the consequences. He admits his deed, in fear of him being found out. He tells the men where the body is, as he cannot take it any more. His conscience and come through. So maybe the sound in his ear was not only the beat of his own heart, but his conscience whispering in his ear ... but he can't understand it and sees it as the ringing sound. The ringing sound that sent him mad. The main thing was ... was that the evil eye would not "vex" him anymore. ...read more.

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