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the creation story

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At the beginning…

In the dark and gloomy, there were nine different goddesses, but each in their own way talented. There was one, the master of all, the creator known as the sun, which was one the goddesses, all fell in love with. The master the ‘God of all’.

The ‘Sun’ found out about this emotion but he could not decide because each goddess was stunning in their way, so the creator put them under the challenge. “Listen all, I will have a competition I will each give you a sphere, you will add to it, colour it and make it stand out. According to you the winner will have heat waves from me and a surprise” the sun exclaimed with anthem and power.

The winged roman god of travel named her planet mercury but to make relate it to her she made it appear as it is moving swiftly living under the fierce heat of the burning Sun. As it quietly spins out a day it experiences extremes in temperature from over 400°C.

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For the surprise for the winner every day till the sun sleeps especially in the summer have heat and light but the most important surprise was life. All the goddesses created unique images with the blood from the goddess of war. They made creatures called humans, they made them capable enough to look after creation, care for it, in these so called humans the goddesses included personalities and ambitions as for if the goddess of war created them they would be interested in war, blood and death but on the other side the goddess of love Aphrodite would make the creatures beautiful, caring and respectful for nature.

Soon it was finished and they created animal groups, reptiles, mammals, fish, vertebrates… each one different but counted using senses, and organs. They left nature in charge and some how create more species meanwhile the planets orbit the sun.

The name Earth comes from the Indo-European base

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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