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The effect of changing the concentration of a salt solution on the movement of water in or out of potato chips.

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JohnDaffin 11L Introduction We were asked to find out what the effect of changing the concentration of a salt solution on the movement of water in or out of potato chips. Prediction I predict that if the concentration of the molar solution is higher than the concentration in the water will be lest from the potato chip therefore decreasing the mass of the chip. If the solution is weaker than the chip's concentration then it will probably gain liquid from the solution causing it to increase in mass. When the chip gains a lot of water it then becomes rigid, when the chip loses a lot of its water it changes shape and becomes Foamy. This process is called osmosis. This should happen because of a process called Osmosis. This is where a diffusion of water occurs across a semi-permeable membrane whenever there is a difference between the water concentrations on the two sides of a membrane, when this happens to cells they will either become rigid if ...read more.


The volume of molar used in each test tube. Method We take a potato and cut cylinders from it with the cork borer. We then cut disks of potato which all must way 1.0 grams. Then place sticky labels on the 5 test tubes ranging from 0.0 molar to 1.0 molar each one rising .2m each time. Then add water to the solution to make it at10 millimetres. Add two disks to each test tube. Then place the test tubes in a safe place for 24 hours. We then come back the next day and collect the test tubes, take out each disk dry them and way them. Record the results and clear apparatus away. We can now make calculations with the results. Evaluation Although the results of the experiment support my hypothesis there are one or two abnormal results. These could be improved by altering the experiment for example keeping the temperature of the test tubes the same, by storing them in some sort of container or cool box. ...read more.


We could have also affected the success of the experiment by comparing our results with other people in the class who used the same measurement as us. This way we can tell if they are accurate or not. One last thing we could of changed is dying the potatoes with the tissue by doing this we could have been extracting some of the liquid from he potato. It would be hard to come up with an alternative for this; if we had the time we could of let them dry in the air. Although the investigation and experiment could have been improved, the results were accurate enough to support my hypothesis. All the work we have done on osmosis and diffusion has been proved correct. Contrary to this the experiment would probably be more reliable if we did it again. In the new experiment I could have used some of the methods that I have already mentioned to make it more accurate. Overall I am happy with the investigation and experiment and think that it went very well. ...read more.

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