The effect of sucrose solution concentration On osmosis in potato chips

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The effect of sucrose solution concentration

On osmosis in potato chips


I am going to cut six pieces of potato using a borer. They will all the same weight. I will make them all 0.7g. I will be able to make sure they are all the same weight-using scales. If a piece of potato is too big I will use a scalpel and a tile to trim it so they are all the same weight and then place these into a test tube each. I will hold the test tubes in a test tube rack. Using the measuring cylinder I will measure 10ml of each strength of sugar solution rinsing the measuring cylinder after each measure. This will then be added into separate test tubes with the pieces of potato. E.g. a piece of potato will have 0.0M strength; a piece of potato will have 0.2M strength and a piece of potato will have 0.4M strength etc. I will put a sticky label on each test tube stating what strength of sugar solution it contains. I will then leave these for 2 hours and see what happens then record my results.

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A potato

Sugar solutions (0.0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, and 1.0)





6 test tubes

Test tube rack

Measuring cylinder

I will measure the amount of sugar solution in the test tubes. I will change the strength of sugar solution in each test tube. To make the experiment a fair test I will keep the weight of the pieces the same weight I will also only add the same amount of sugar solution. I think that the higher the molar used the lighter the weight of the potato chip after the experiment. I believe ...

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This report contains some good sections and has an appropriate structure, 1. The section on osmosis is well written and concise. 2. The apparatus section is well structured. 3. The evaluation section shows promise. 4. The language used is inconsistent and some sections need to be rewritten. 5. The report is missing several sections, such as an introduction and a conclusion. However, some of this information is present in other sections. *** (3 stars)