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Why should we give blood?

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Why should we give blood? Perhaps the greatest reward from donating blood is knowing your blood, part of who you are, lives on in those around you. So for those who are thinking of donating, understand you would truly be offering a most beautiful part of yourself for the benefit of those less fortunate. It is very easy to give blood today because of the new technology, it is a matter of minutes and it has been successfully done. ...read more.


Once the needle is in position, the pain goes away. Any pain from the needle is far outweighed by the gratifying feeling of helping someone live. I hate the sight of blood. All you have to do is look away while the blood is being drawn. The bag is placed below the chair so you don't have to see it being filled. I might faint. Most people do not experience any ill effects from donating blood. Drinking lots of fluids and eating a well-balanced meal prior to donating will help prevent any reactions. ...read more.


In addition, up to 70 percent of donors donate only one time. We should all be grateful as human beings, that we are fortunate to 'have' blood, 'unlike' some. Blood has the important job of transporting oxygen, nutrients and heat to the different tissues and organs throughout your body. It also carries waste to the lungs, liver and kidneys for disposal. In addition, it helps your body fight infection and heal wounds. Without blood, we cannot live. Blood can only be obtained from healthy adult people. Therefore, blood donors are incredibly important to our community. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dipen Dabhi Friday 3rd May 2002 ...read more.

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