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A terrible tragedy occurred in the year of 1912, the sinking of The Titanic; A terrible moment in history which has been re created in 1997 by 11 academy award winner James Cameron.

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A terrible tragedy occurred in the year of 1912, the sinking of The Titanic; A terrible moment in history which has been re created in 1997 by 11 academy award winner James Cameron. The film re lives the whole experience of The Titanic with a thrilling and captivating approach. The steerage scene contains a variety of cinematic devices such as: lighting effects, an array of sounds and various shot angles. This helps to create a more realistic and intense atmosphere and makes the audience feel more involved. The Titanic was a smash hit. One of the reasons for its huge success may have been because it had content to satisfy most audiences. The different genres include: An historical theme, based on a true story, romance and tragedy. This essay will be studying the various techniques James Cameron used in the steerage scene to create a natural and realistic party atmosphere. What we see in the steerage scene has a strong effect on us. In the steerage scene there are certain parts Cameron made stand out amongst the fast paced action. ...read more.


The actions of the third class passengers' shows us that they are more open minded as they do not care about what they are doing as there are grown men falling around, beers being spilt on one another and yet they are laughing. Whereas the men in the dining room are more relaxed and controlled ad are maintaining their etiquettes. Particular shots have been made to stand out an example is; Rose drinking beer. This shot has an impact on the viewer as a woman of her class would not b e expected to consume beer. (This at the time would be considered cheap) Rose rising on her feet was an important moment in the scene as it showed us how Rose was fitting in with people in a lower class than herself and whilst doing it she was enjoying herself. Another shot that Cameron has made stand out, is the one where a man is being helped up after falling down. ...read more.


This helps us understand the relationship between j and r, because you find out how what they are talking about and how they feel about one another. The sound effects u can hear add 2 the ambient sounds this creates a realistic effect for example da glass breaking adds 2 the atmosphere because there is so much going on it would be unbelievable if something did not end up breaking. Another example of sound effects that add to the ambient sounds are those made by the tap dancing, this sound adds to the beat of the drums. The sounds you can hear in the dining room are very slow and calm. The sound of violent is faintly present in the background, which is a contrast to the percussio0n instruments previously being played. Da ambient sounds are very faint and this draws our attention to the dialogue and also emphasizes the calm mood. Da dialogue u can hear is about politics and the connotations of politics is dull and boring, this makes the scene seem really slow and dull as well. The atmosphere seems really dull as the loudest sound is the poltics which is very tesdious ...read more.

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