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African-America women's feminism in BAM.

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African-America Women's Feminism in BAM In 1960s, Black American's anti-racial discrimination spirit not only appealed to the civil rights movement, but brought serial social reformations, including Black women's liberation. Instead of searching for equality of social power institution outside, Black women's liberation turned its attention to the development of Black people's culture, economy, politics and spiritual consciousness. Based on Black feminism, women's liberation movement in 1960s explained how the patriarchy gives women unfair treatments; rebuild women's identity and change social stereotype myths of gender roles. American Black women's problems combined race and sex. In the book, Glossary of Feminist Theory, Valerie Smith mentions,"Black feminists seek not only to dismantle the assumptions of dominant cultures, and to recover and reclaim the lives of black women, bust also to develop methods of analysis for interpreting the ways in which race and gender are inscribed"(23) Most importantly, people are supposed to understand the reason how Black feminism plays an crucial roles in BAM and how Black women's liberation movement influences on Black people's world. On the other hand, it is necessary for people to understand the development of Black Feminism before discussion its influence on BAM. At beginning, it goes without saying that their opposition to racism and sexism identifies Black feminism. ...read more.


In other word, the term radical means to be "a disturber of the peace" (Solomon 82). Peace is regarded as the normal standards by cultural society; Robert Zaller says that "[people] define radicals as those seeking fundamental change by striking at the very root of contemporary assumption..." (82). In conclusion, radicalism for women is also as much important as for men; "Going to the roots thesis of black and female radicals gave rise to a commitment that focused on long-standing external realities different from those concerning other historical protect movement challenging the American consensus" (Solomon 83). Robin Morgan thinks that "Radical feminism was as much an act of female self-assertion as an anticonsensus movement" (82). Once Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote demand to Black Power, he describes that "Not only civil rights experiences, but a similar split in ideological directions between radical and reforms feminism...that both Black and women reforms sought to destroy the legal structure of racism and sexism...radicals to go beyond this agenda by attacking the psychological assumption of inequality at its very cultural roots" (88). On the other hand, Voice of the Women's Liberation Movement (VWLM) was seen the important radical communications network in the 1967, the term "Women's Liberation" could stand for its radical wing for female movement (86). ...read more.


On the other side, Baraka thinks the way we desire is related to politics; politics is about the body. In addition, sexual desire is a fundamental system of surrealism; however, we must have total revolution if we can't have our own sexual desire. In the same way, there is a famous term "The personal is political" (Glossary of Feminist Theory 254). The politics of sexuality plays an important role in radical feminism; feminists see sexuality as a political issue. June Jordan notes"Sexual freedom is the foundation of all other struggles for freedom" (Kelley 155). If women do get real freedom, it means that women's desires are not dominated or controlled by males. In conclusion, any kind of oppression will be shaping women's sexual desire, and then they will have to seek for their freedom for the revolt. To sum up, in the article, " Double Jeopardy: To Be a Black and Female," Beale thinks that each member of community should do their best to eliminate Black people's oppressions, no matter the gender or age. "Each individual must develop a high political consciousness in order to understand how this system enslaves us all and what actions we must take to bring about its destruction." Both Black men and women have responsibility for their revolution and create great useful institutions to destroy any kind of oppressions. Therefore, all Blacks won't suffer the pain from racism or sexism. ...read more.

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