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Gender Equity.

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Gender Equity Gender equity is a very important subject matter that teachers must deal with in the classroom. As I taught at RAA middle school some differences begin to stand out between the genders. One thing that popped out at me the most was the maturity level of the two. In saying that I mean the sexual desires of the students at their age. That is important for teachers to see for when we begin to group students together for activity. One instance is that of boxing out in basketball. The skill calls for the one boxing out to push out with their butts against the other player. ...read more.


In the elementary level the major difference was the age-old argument that girls nasty and guys nasty. The girls definitely do not want to be paired with guys and vice versa. In elementary it had nothing to do with skill level but everything to do with just the gender. I remember putting a boy with a girl at Buck Lake and it was like I had made a kid eat peas for the first time. So the difference in elementary and middle school is just the reason why the boys don't want to be paired with girls. So in noticing that I feel that yes I was biased at the elementary level and I figure I did that because I really wanted to keep the interest up. ...read more.


I am not saying that is right but I can see that I do that. One way to correct that is to always have the girls doing exactly what the guys are doing. We should not lower the skill level on the basis of gender, but high expectations should be for both genders. I feel that educators should practice the technique of videotape. If educators videotape their teaching they can better see if they are having gender bias in the classroom. A lot of times the problems we have are not seen by us, but by another eye that is watching us. So the best advice I have is for us teachers to let the videotape be our watchful eye. ...read more.

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