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Ideals and ideology imprinted on society by the media: Sport Journalism, a view of the world, or a view generated by the dominant male supremacy?

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Ideals and ideology imprinted on society by the media: Sport Journalism, a view of the world, or a view generated by the dominant male supremacy? Sport Journalism Bias: The media is a powerful tool, which shapes the views and ideas of society, 'the print media is an influential socializing agent in that it informs and entertains the reader and encourages social integration and social change by values, ideas and attitudes it presents' (Eitzen and Sage, 1995, p78). When the media has such an important effect on society, is it right that male journalists dominate the media, in a sense serving to maintain and preserve patriarchal relationships. Although there have been many changes in the treatment of females in society in the past, many females are still excluded from numerous professions. Certain institutions frown upon the entry of females, as advancements made by females in society decreases the amount of men in dominant positions in society. This is shown by the small number of 'male preserves' (Elias & Dunning, 1986, p268) left in today's modern society. However, one institution that seems unable to accommodate change, for the sake of protecting its 'male preserve' (Elias & Dunning, 1986, p268) ...read more.


This dominance of males in the media raises issues, which are constantly raised over the treatment of females in society, especially over the stereotypical coverage they receive. Therefore, sports journalism in this light can not actually be classed as sports journalism, sports journalism is all about reproducing and portraying the views of society, and giving everyone a equal voice. However, the media is so one sided it clearly cannot achieve this successfully. 'Although journalists, claim to be reflecting the attitudes of society rather than shaping men, recent national trends indicate that, with respect to women's lives, they lag behind dismally' (Stratford, 1992, p134). Affect of Bias In Sports One major area, which is affected by the dominance of a male hegemony is sports journalism. A large number of achievements are lost in the media concerning female athletes, due to the stereotypical coverage they receive. This negative coverage is the production of having a print media, which is run by men, as they will never be able to write about females from a female perspective. 'Their ownership by rich, white middle aged men, and their editorship usually by the same type of men, explains the difficulties they have in reflecting recent changes in society in any but the most stereotypical ways' (Stratford, 1992, p130). ...read more.


Research into the absence of female journalists in sport has previously demonstrated that not one single article was written by a female until 1976 concerning articles surrounding the Olympics, in two Canadian newspapers. There was also only one article written by a female in the 1992 Olympics, this is one example of a male supremacy in the media. 'Sports journalism is obviously a male stronghold' (Urquhart and Crossman, 1999, p199). In addition, a recent count showed that in two popular British newspapers, female journalists still suffer from oppression due to the dominant male operated media. With 100% of sport articles written by male journalists for the Independent, and 96% written by male journalists for the Times. This justifies the argument that sports journalism is essentially flawed, as the codes of sports journalism are rejected. 'For example, the practice of sports journalism should revolve around a set of essentially ethical concepts: freedom, democracy, truth, objectivity, honesty, and privacy' (Belsey and Chadwick, 1992, pXi), yet sports journalism does not. Thus, sports journalism cannot be seen as a democratic and truthful process, sports journalism simply is the production of a dominant male society, trying to hold on to one of its ever-fading male preserves. Word Count = 1280 (Minus References). ...read more.

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