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Is money the root of all evil

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Is Money the root of Evil In our world today there is one item that controls us and influences us all, money; the thing that makes us who we are or who we want to be. However, money is not necessarily the root of all evil. If money is used appropriately, money has the influence of benefiting those around us, yet at the same time it can bring out the worst in many people. Money also controls society where it can cause substantial problems in politics, the government as well corrupt cities. Lastly, although money is indeed the root of everything, we cannot live with money because of our economic society. Everything has its pros and cons and whatever it may be there is always an outcome. Money however, is not necessarily the root of all evil. Money can definitely help many people. Through my experiences, I've learned that money can make a huge impact for those around us. ...read more.


The main purpose of the war was to capture Bin Laden as well as to destroy Al-Queda. Nevertheless, the mission became into trying to control Afghanistan itself. Over 20,000 troops were sent to insure control. In order to pay for the enormous project and mission, cuts were made and state entities had to be closed; many workers lost their jobs. President Bush Mayor found that the war was more important than the country itself. In turn, the country has to find its own ways to pay for its own necessities; which only will result in depreciation. We also see on a regular basis of other federal government cases that centre on embezzlement with government funds when all the while more important issues can be solved with the money being cheated by our leaders and superiors. Eventually, the focal point becomes on money and not the important issues such as the homeless and crime. ...read more.


It's something that we need to survive with and it's one of the most manipulative objects that can control us. Money is the root of everything, good and evil. In our society today, we cannot walk out the door without seeing something that involves money. It is up to us on how we manipulate it and how we use it in our daily lives. I've learned that with money comes discernment. What type of discernment will I use when I want to have something? The Parable of the lost son in the bible tells the story of a young man who wants his share of his father's inheritance. Not long after that, the young son took off to a distant country and squandered his wealth in wild living. After he had spent everything, he had nothing, and continued by living by working on a farm and eating what the pigs ate. The lesson of the story is that we need to use money wisely and to have the right discernment. So ask yourself, how do you spend money? Do you use it wisely? Or spend it foolishly? ...read more.

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