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Lord Of The Flies

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Danielle Furniss 10KC Sociology Homework Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies is a film, based on a book written by William Golding. It begins during an evacuation at the time of war. We are shown two schools, a state school and a private choir school. The choir school is more upper class and posh, whereas the state school is middle class. We are shown that the plane crashes after being hit by lightening in an electric storm. It lands near the south pacific. After we are shown the images of the plane crash, we are shown the first two characters in the film, Ralf and Piggy, who both appear lost and slightly distressed. Piggy introduces himself and begins to talk to Ralf about himself. He asks if there are any grown ups, clearly being used to the authority and guidance of adults in society. Ralf then asks Piggy if he is going to join him for a swim in the lagoon. Piggy says that his auntie wouldn't let him on 'account of his asthma', showing that he still respects the guidance of adults. They find a shell on the beach and refer to it as a 'conch', a name that they have learned in previous society. This conch later becomes a symbol of authority to prevent argument. Ralf blows the conch to attract attention, so that he and piggy can begin to restore social order. ...read more.


They begin to build huts, but as they do so, they still play about in the sea because of their child instincts. After a few days on the island, we can clearly see that their behaviour has changed dramatically, their faces covered in mud used as tribal paint, their clothes scruffy and dirty, carrying spears and hunting animals. Now they can bring themselves to kill the pig and even chant 'kill the pig, slit its throat, batter it' as they carry it back to he huts on a spear. When the hunters reach the huts, Ralf and Piggy are both angry with them for letting the fire go out because of a passing plane. If there was fire, it may have caught the attention of the aircraft and they could have been rescued. When Piggy tells them off, Jack hits him and Piggy's glasses break. Piggy is clearly very hurt by this. The other boys laugh at this while eating like savages, showing their changes in behaviour and forgetting manners that would have been important in British society. Piggy is hungry with no food. Jack tells him that he hasn't done as much work as the others. He says that he has done as much work as Simon and Jack and therefore deserves as much food. Simon gives Piggy his food and Jack, almost unwillingly, gives his. ...read more.


Ralf tries to reason with the others. He tries to inform them of what wrong they are doing, but the boys don't take him seriously. Some of the boys on the top of the cliff decide to push off a large boulder, which lands on Piggy and kills him. This is murder and shows that much of their norms and values have changed during their time away from society. Eventually, the others chase Ralf through clouds of smoke caused by a fire, which turns out to have attracted the attention of members of the Navy, who come to rescue the boys by boat. Ralf cries at this, clearly glad that he is to get way from this disaster and return to the society that he is used to. The film shows us how peoples' values can change over a short period of time, their views of things and what they have learned from secondary and even primary socialisation can be altered by changes in their surroundings, culture and lack of authority. They create cultural diversity in having different values to their previous society e.g. the killing of the pig, which was previously thought of as deviant and wrong, became a norm of the children on the island. The film benefits me as a Sociology student, it shows me that instincts are something that can be learned and changed over a short period of time and that people will often follow the stronger leader rather than the leader with good intentions. ...read more.

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